What is a <strong>Japanese pedicure</strong>?
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What is a Japanese pedicure?

Beautiful feet are well-groomed feet. But nails on them are often in a deplorable condition. Weakened, damaged plate does not look aesthetically pleasing. Then Japanese pedicure can help.

Pedicure, or toenail treatment, is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, feet should be well-groomed and look aesthetically – not only in summer, but throughout the year! Currently a hit is the Japanese pedicure, which is growing in popularity around the world. You can find it in every good beauty salon, but you can also do it successfully on your own, at home. It is not too complicated, you just need to have the right products, a little knowledge, willingness and time

Why are nails brittle and fragile?

The problem of split, brittle and fragile fingernails and toenails is quite common. There can be several reasons for this. It is often a consequence of a poor diet, poor in vitamins and minerals. In addition, there is inadequate care (badly cut/sanded nails, frequent application of e.g. lamp-hardened hybrid nail polish) or disease. In the case of toenails, they do not have it easy. In winter – thick socks, insulated shoes do not have a positive impact on their condition. In turn, in summer we walk a lot barefoot or in sandals, so it is easy for micro-damage

Japanese pedicure – a rescue for nails

Asians are known around the world for their love of grooming. Therefore, they are characterized by flawless beautiful skin, shiny hair and strong nails. That is why Japanese manicure and pedicure was created. This is not a complicated procedure. It consists of rubbing a special paste into the nail plate. After the first application the plate becomes nourished, smooth and shiny. How does it work? When the paste is rubbed into the nail plate, vitamins (A, E), keratin, silica from the Ionian Sea, and bee pollen are delivered. It is these ingredients that strengthen the nails and improve their condition

Japanese pedicure can be done on your own

Japanese pedicure is not a complicated procedure, so you can successfully do it at home. To perform it you will need: paste and powder for the treatment of Japanese manicure/pedicure (pastes can be purchased in specialized stores or online), a wooden spatula, two polishes and a double-sided file

Before proceeding, you should prepare your feet and nails. It is worth to soak them for a while in lukewarm water with olive to soften the cuticles. Then remove them (but do not cut them – this is the most common mistake, remove them with a spatula) and give the nails a nice shape with a file

When the nails are ready, we need to lightly file them. What for? Well, so that the nutrients, which the paste contains, will better penetrate into the nail. We put a bit of polish on a polisher and rub it into the nail plate for a few minutes. Remember that you should rub the polisher in one direction, so the effect will be much better. Finally, reach for the powder and rub it in with the second polisher. This will shine the plate and preserve the polish. The whole procedure should take 30-40 minutes. In a beauty salon you will pay about 60-100 PLN for one, and a home set will cost about 100 PLN

Already after the first treatment you will see the first results, but it is recommended to perform pedicure at least 4 times at an interval of about 3 weeks. This will really strengthen the nails. After some time it is worth repeating such treatment. Please note that you should not paint your nails right after the Japanese pedicure. You should wait at least a few days. Only then you can paint the nail plate. It is also good to resign from hybrids for the duration of the treatment or at least wait 2-3 days

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