10 tricks for <strong>slender hands</strong>
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10 tricks for slender hands

Slender hands – especially women dream about them. But what to do if your fingers are thick and massive? There are several tricks how to optically slim them – and they are not difficult!

Hands can tell a lot about a person. Even psychics are said to see the future in them. However, those who do not know how to divine, are usually able to judge by their hands whether a person is physically fit, well-groomed, attractive, etc. It is a very good idea to have a good deal of time on your own, but if you have a lot of time on your hands, it is possible to have a lot of time on your hands. In the case of the fair sex the most desired are delicate, smooth and slender hands. However, not every woman was endowed with such by nature. Fortunately, you can use a few simple tricks to optically slim them.

1. Take care of long and pretty nails

Nothing is so slenderize fingers, as nicely filed, long nails. Women should make sure that the nail plate extends at least a few millimeters beyond the fingertip. It is worth knowing that short nails make the hand appear wider. Nails should also be neat and even. A good idea is a hybrid manicure, which hardens the nail plate and looks nice for a few weeks

2. Ditch the tiny, tiny rings

Small, delicate rings are full of charm, but if our hands are a bit clumsy, they become even more massive when we put them on. Then you can see the contrast of the subtle jewelry and the powerful hand, which does not look favorable. Also, a thin ring that seems to cut into the finger does not look very nice.

3. Choose more solid jewelry

As mentioned above, delicate jewelry does not look good on massive hands. To slim them down it is better to choose big, heavy bracelets and rings, preferably with elongated stones or ornaments (round and bulky ones will widen your hand). Such jewelry will make your hand look smaller and more delicate

4. Wear gloves not only in winter

In the past, ladies did not leave home without gloves – in summer as well as winter. There are so many ways to wear gloves with your outfit: just check out the fashion magazines to see what you can combine them with. You can find a lot of different styles of gloves and they are made of different materials. The best thing about gloves is that they make your hands feel soft

5. Make sure to paint your nails properly

Most of us, when painting our nails, try to do it very precisely, that is, cover the entire nail plate. People, who have slightly clumsy hands and wider nails, can apply polish only on the central part of the plate, leaving the sides unpainted (don’t worry – it’s not visible). Then the nails, and thus also the hands, look much slimmer

6. Choose the right nail polish

Few people realize that even the right choice of nail polish can optically slim our fingers. It’s best to bet on intense shades of red or purple. Popular nude, beige, cream and flesh-colored shades make fingers look bigger.

7. Take care of the shape of your nails

Undoubtedly, your nails should be nicely filed and even. However, to make your fingers look softer and more subtle, it is best to give your nails a pointed shape. A round or square plate is not a good idea.

8. Reach for hand moisturizers

Dry, cracked and wrinkled skin is more visible than soft, moisturized skin that reflects light better. That’s why it’s worth investing in a good hand moisturizer and using different types of hand masks to nourish your hands.

9. Don’t be afraid of self-tanner

Self-tanner is still a cosmetic that raises a lot of fears for many women. And it turns out that its skillful use can really improve our beauty. You only need to apply a little bit on the back of your hand and fingers. The remaining part will be paler, but the transition should be so delicate that it is almost unnoticeable. This trick will perfectly (optically) shrink your hands

10. Eliminate or limit salt in your diet

It is worth knowing that an excess of salt in the diet can contribute to swollen fingers. In the body then accumulates water. Besides, as we know, an excess of salt is not conducive to health.

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