Plant-based products – what’s worth reaching for?
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Plant-based products – what’s worth reaching for?

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Both plant-based diets and other products of this origin are constantly popular. They have a positive impact on our health and are beneficial for our planet. Which ones are worth reaching for and why?


Thanks to their nutritional content, herbs support the body. Overwork, tiredness, chronic stress – these are more and more frequent ailments of many of us. And this is connected with lack of energy, apathy or problems with concentration. In such a situation it is worth reaching for products which will help to cope with it. You can find such products at

For fatigue it is best to use ginseng, which increases vitality and intellectual performance. It also improves your mood. Liquorice, Chinese citronella and rosemary also have a stimulating effect. Herbs for energy, thanks to the fact that they are plant-based products, are safe for the body. However, before taking any of them, it is advisable to learn about their effects.


More and more people are looking for cosmetics created on the basis of natural ingredients and plants. Organic cosmetics, as they are called, contain in their formula ingredients of mineral or plant origin. Their production is based on natural oils, herbal extracts and plants collected from ecological crops. Natural cosmetics are especially recommended for people with problematic, allergic and atopic skin. They do not contain artificial dyes, preservatives or parabens, which are typical of mass products sold by cosmetic companies.

Food products

Plant-based products are growing in popularity among those foodies as well. People are more likely to turn to meat alternatives. Most well-known supermarkets offer a wide variety of plant-based sausages, burgers, and other meat substitutes based on vegetables, grains, or legumes. Plant-based versions of meat are usually lower in calories, contain less fat and are cholesterol-free.


This is the most classic meat alternative. It is primarily appreciated as a low-calorie source of protein. It is currently available in different versions, for example marinated with herbs or spices.

Soy protein

This is a very cheap and easy to prepare ingredient. Most often soy is sold in the form of chops, cubes or granules. As with tofu, here too you can add spice blends and marinades to get any flavor you want. This makes soybeans perfect for vegetarian chops, burgers or meatballs.


This is a traditional Indonesian product. It is made from fermented soybeans, and with its medium protein content and high fiber content, it can be an excellent part of a balanced, whole-food diet.


It is a protein contained in wheat. It resembles meat in texture and is also easy to season and cook. It is often used in plant-based meats, sausages or chops. You can make it yourself from wheat flour. Because seitan is a wheat gluten, it should not be consumed by people following a gluten-free diet.

Lupin protein

Like soybeans, lupin is a legume rich in protein. It is very often used to prepare vegetable kebabs or chops.

Green spelt

It is a species of wheat, which contains a lot of B vitamins, magnesium and phosphorus. Most often it can be purchased in the form of chops, groats or middlings.


They can be used to prepare chops. They are a source of zinc and iron, moreover, they are available in almost every store, at a very affordable price.

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