What is the cause of hair breakage?
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What is the cause of hair breakage?

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A sheet of shiny and perfectly smooth hair is the dream of almost every woman. Unfortunately, this is not an attainable goal, because most often ladies take the wrong approach to the subject. Healthy hair is hair, which has all the necessary ingredients. See what may be causing your hair to break.

Inadequate care

If you use regular drugstore shampoos from popular brands that contain SLS or other strong detergents, you are stripping your hair of the natural protective coating that sebum forms on it. This protective coating envelops the hair and protects it from abrasion, protein loss and mechanical damage. All of these factors contribute to hair breakage. Use gentle shampoos to wash your hair and apply a conditioner each time you wash it, which will restore balance and protection to your hair while replenishing the other ingredients your hair needs for healthy and strong hair.

Irregular trimming of hair ends

The claim that trimming hair speeds up hair growth is an absurd myth, but it’s nonetheless built on an accurate observation. Damage at the ends of the hair climbs upward, so that if not trimmed in time, it leads to hair breakage already very high up in the length. This creates the impression that the hair is not growing at all, because as much hair as grows at the roots will break off at the ends. By trimming the ends regularly every month or two, you will stop the progression of damage and breakage, making hair growth visible

Unhealthy diet, illnesses, and deficiencies

Hair, is one of the unnecessary elements for the functioning of the body. In the moment of serious illness or deficiencies caused by poor diet, stress and unhealthy lifestyle, the body goes into survival mode and begins to get rid of what it does not need. If you want beautiful, long and healthy hair, drinking water is an absolute must. Adequate hydration of the body supports its functioning, while dehydration can cause an alarm condition and negatively affect the condition of the hair. Dietary supplements, for example Terranova products, will improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails

Hair Styling with Heat

Daily or just frequent treatment with high temperatures is very damaging to your hair and affects breakage. If you are friends with a flat iron or curling iron, your hair is damaged just by heat styling. Heat dries out your hair, causes it to lose elasticity and makes it brittle and fragile. Rubbing your hair with a flat iron doesn’t do your hair any favors either. Try to limit the heat as much as possible, and if you do use a flat or curling iron, make sure to protect your hair with a special product

PEH imbalance

The PEH balance, or the balance of proteins, emollients and humectants in hair care, is the key to beautiful and healthy looking hair. If your hair lacks protein, it becomes brittle, thin, and starts to split and wear out. Humectants, on the other hand, are the ingredients that moisturize hair. When there’s not enough of them, dry hair can become more brittle. Be careful not to overdo it, though, because too many humectants lead to a loosening of the hair structure and make it more susceptible to damage. Both proteins and humectants should be protected and locked into the hair with emollients

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