<strong><em>Ombre versus sombre</em></strong> – find out the nuances of hair coloring
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Ombre versus sombre – find out the nuances of hair coloring

The brightening point, the color transitions, and the borderline between the colors – look for the difference between the most popular hair colors of recent years, the ombre and the sombre.

Colouring your hair is one of the best and fastest ways to change your look or to hide the signs of ageing or grey hair. In addition, many Polish women have dark, sometimes mousy blonde hair, which they do not necessarily like or find agreeable to their personality. Hair color and hair style should reflect the character of the person who owns the hair.

So if you do not like your natural hair color or if you want a change, go for a hair color. Women all over the world first fell in love with ombre and then sombre hair colour. Here is a closer look at what it takes to get the most fantastic and fashionable hair color.

Ombre Hairstyles Contrast

Ombre hair colour has taken our world by storm. Ombre hair colour remains popular for many years. What is so special about it?

First of all, ombre hair colouring is very effective. The idea is to lighten the ends while at the same time keeping the dark roots. Ombre hair colouring often combines dark brown with light blonde hair.

The biggest advantage of this hair color, apart from the obvious rejuvenating effect and the lightening of the face, is simply convenience. With this hairstyle, you do not have to make monthly appointments to the hairdresser to cover unsightly growth.


Another plus with ombre hair colouring is that the hair is not painted all over. This is ideal if this is the first time you want to decide to change your look and you want to take a chance with a full coloration.

Ombre hair is ideal for women with a lot of character, who want to express their personality

Sombre – natural hair colour

Sombre is a softer, more natural version of ombre hair. The name comes from the words ‘soft’ and ‘ombre’. There is no intensive bleaching and no big discrepancies between the roots and ends.

The natural hair color is left natural at the roots and the ends or strands are lightened by one or two shades.

This technique gives your hair a sun-kissed effect. In this case, the color range is closer to the roots than in ombre hair colouring.

The difference from ombre hair colouring is that the lighter color is not applied all over the hair but only to individual strands


The sombre look is recommended as a first hair color. You can decide to colour your hair sombre even if you work in an office, where crazy hairstyles are not allowed.

The sombre effect is very natural and versatile, suiting women of all hair colors. It does not matter if your hair is blonde, brown or red.

What is the required hair length for ombre and sombre hair colour?

Many women believe that medium to long hair is best suited for ombre hair colouring. Yes, the effect is more noticeable and the overall colouring scheme is more appealing.

But shorter hair can also work well. A professional hair stylist can work wonders with a hair brush.

Celebrities currently wear ombre and sombre hair in the long bob version. This hairstyle is timeless and very elegant.

Beware of ombre colouring if your hair is thin and very fine. It’s better to go for a sombre colour, as the highlights are applied a few centimetres below the roots, giving your hair volume and making it look light and casual.


How do I care for my ombre and sombre hair?

Before every colouring treatment, including bleaching treatments like ombre or sombre, trim the ends and refresh your hairstyle. Split ends in light blonde shades do not look good. A suitable haircut also accentuates the colouring.

Bleached hair always requires special care. However, you can easily do this at home. The first step is to apply a moisturising conditioner after every shampoo and a regenerating hair mask at least once a week.

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