Voluminous waves – a stylish return to the 1990s
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Voluminous waves – a stylish return to the 1990s

The 1990s are a big inspiration for stylists and fashion designers. Many women today are also eager to return to the hairstyles of that era! Back then, volume was king. Waves, storms of curls and crimped strands – that’s it! Check out how to make hairstyles straight from the 90s and how to give your hair volume like in those days!

What hairstyles reigned in the 90s?

A very popular hairstyle in the 1990s was the “girl next door” look. It was a sleek hairstyle with a center parting. In those days, hair could be styled naturally, so downy bangs, waves and storms of curls were the domain of those years. 

It was often decided to cut a little behind the ear and bob. Women also loved to wear a hairstyle inspired by Rachel from the TV series “Friends,” that is, a long fringe and bright highlights. 

In addition to the ubiquitous waves, updos were also fashionable. Women loved buns and braids, which were inspired by Britney Spears. It was often decided to crimp the hair. This volume was all the rage! At every party every second girl had her hair crimped. 

How to make waves native to the 90s?

Such waves can be achieved in several ways. One is to curl the hair on a curling iron, followed by a gentle tapir at the roots. Another would be to curl your curls on papillotes and then gently separate them with your fingers. You can also achieve beautiful waves with a curling iron or, if your hair is prone to curling, with a special brush designed for curly hair. 

How to give your hair volume?

The 90s are all about volume. Here are some ways to give it to your hair!

Volumizing sprays

The first suggestion for improving hair volume are sprays designed for this purpose. You can find such cosmetics on the shelves of almost every drugstore. Using volume-giving sprays involves spraying the hair from the roots, preferably with the head facing down. Then early the product in the hair or rub it in with your fingers. Try it and you may find the effect satisfies you.

Volumizing powders

Volumizing powders can be loved or hated. Not everyone likes the powdery effect and sprinkling such a product on the scalp. However, it is certain that powders that lift hair from the roots are one of the most effective cosmetics for this purpose. They are available in drugstores such as Rossmann or Hebe. 

Volumizing shampoos

Shampooing is the cornerstone of hair care. If you want your hair to be beautifully lifted from the roots, then try using a special shampoo for this purpose. The way you wash your head is also important. During this activity, perform a massage with your fingertips. This will make your skin get more blood flow, and your hair will look better and have more volume.

main photo: unsplash.com/Matthew Hamilton

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