<strong>Natural products</strong> to make skin care easier
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Natural products to make skin care easier

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It is no secret that natural products are the best for our bodies. This also applies to skin care. Natural cosmetics are gentle on the skin, cheap, eco-friendly and effective. If you want the chemistry in your bathroom to only do what it’s supposed to do – which is clean your ceramics, move to natural skincare. See what natural products will make taking care of your skin easier.


Our skin naturally produces sebum, a protective, oily substance that coats the skin and aids and protects the lipid layer from damage. Unfortunately, most commercially available oils are not formulated with due respect for the skin’s natural lipids. Gels destroy the lipid barrier by completely washing away the sebum from our face. The way to thoroughly and effectively remove makeup and protect the skin’s lipid layer is to wash your face in two stages. With the help of oils such as squalane, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or shea butter you can successfully remove makeup without using milk or micellar fluids. The oil perfectly dissolves even waterproof make-up and makes sure that its residues do not clog pores and do not form blackheads. Thanks to the protective layer that oil leaves on the skin, even a strong gel will not disturb the protection that sebum creates for the lipid barrier


A toner restores balance to the skin and regulates the pH after washing the face with gel. However, many toners contain microplastics, non-biodegradable substances, and ingredients that are harmful to the skin. A great alternative to toners that can successfully replace them are hydrolats. Hydrolate of lavender, witch hazel or rose water will take care of your skin condition, and they are completely natural. For hundreds of years natural medicine has been confirming healing and caring power of plants, you can use it while taking care of your complexion. Depending on the plant the hydrolate comes from, it can be moisturizing, soothing, cleansing or smoothing, and even antibacterial

Konjac sponge

Konjac is a naturally occurring sponge found in ocean waters that acts as an extremely powerful magnet for skin impurities. It picks up all the impurities on your face that can cause imperfections, making cleansing very effective. It absorbs a lot of water, which makes it extremely soft and gives the effect of a gentle mechanical scrub. However, you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off too much skin or irritating it, the friction is very subtle. The konjac sponge has gained fame with Korean facial care, where it is very popular. When the trend for beauty rituals from Korea made its way to America and later to Europe, the world learned about the cleansing power of konjac

Enzymes and acids

A very effective form of smoothing the face and getting rid of dead skin, is enzyme or acid peeling. Enzymes occur naturally in fruits such as apple, pineapple and papaya. When applied to the face, they dissolve dead skin and stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. Exfoliating acids, such as lactic acid, are produced naturally by the fermentation process, which does not mean you should rub your face with pickle water. There are many cosmetics on the market, not only scrubs, that contain natural enzymes and acids in properly selected doses

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