10 revitalizing treatments to do after summer
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10 revitalizing treatments to do after summer

After the summer, our skin and hair may require special care. So it is worth spending some time and take care of the regeneration of our body. Check which revitalizing treatments to pay attention to in order to restore the skin and hair to its former glory.


Mesotherapy is a treatment that in a minimally invasive way can restore skin tone and radiance. The skin after such treatment is regenerated, rebuilt and nourished. Preparations, which are used for mesotherapy, have in its composition hyaluronic acid and a set of microelements and vitamins.

Platelet rich plasma

Platelet rich plasma allows us to use the vital forces of our body. The plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood and then injected into the appropriate layers of the skin. This stimulates stem cells to multiply and produce new collagen.


During iontophoresis we introduce active substances into the skin with the help of magnetic field forces. In this way we hydrate the deep layers of our skin. After this treatment the skin becomes moisturized and firm. Iontophoresis reduces seborrhea and restores a healthy, radiant look to the skin

Microdermabrasion treatment

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical peeling, which removes the top layer of the epidermis with the use of a special device. The depth of exfoliation can be controlled by adjusting the vacuum flow of crystals. After such a treatment the skin will look younger, firmer and will be much more elastic and deeply cleansed.

Cosmelan treatment

Cosmelan treatment is the most effective treatment for removing hormonal hyperpigmentation, although it also effectively lightens freckles, pigmented moles and sun spots.

Laser removal of hyperpigmentation

Sometimes the discoloration caused after sunbathing is so difficult to eliminate that it is necessary to use fractional laser. It creates micro-damage in the skin, which leads to coagulation of tissues in micro-thermal zones. The skin thus produces more collagen, which makes the skin firmer, tighter and smoother, and its color is evened out


Sonophoresis introduces into our complexion active substances into the deeper layer of the epidermis by means of ultrasounds. This method allows to cross the barrier of hydrolipid coat and cell membranes. In addition, thanks to micromassage, blood circulation in the epidermis and regeneration of damaged tissues is improved.

Chocolate body treatment

Not only our skin needs regeneration after the warmest season of the year. It is worth taking care of the rest of the body, using for example chocolate treatment. It begins with chocolate peeling which removes dead skin and prepares the body for further stages of care.

Then a warming chocolate mask is applied to the body to provide the skin with nutrients. Then we have a session in the electro-sauna, during which all the ingredients have a chance to penetrate deep into our skin. Finally, a nourishing cream is massaged in.

Keratin Treatment for the Hair

The best way to nourish your hair is with a keratin treatment. Keratin is a natural building block of hair and is found in fibrous form. It fills the gaps in the hair cuticles and provides elasticity. Keratin straightening treatments are not only reserved for people with curly hair. Also straight hair will be extremely nourished after this treatment.

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