Valley of tears – what are the best treatments to <strong>rejuvenate the eye area</strong>?
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Valley of tears – what are the best treatments to rejuvenate the eye area?

The skin around the eyes is delicate and practically devoid of fatty tissue, which makes it very often dry and irritated. Unfortunately, this makes it more susceptible to the aging process. It is in this area that the first facial wrinkles appear. What’s more, the skin around the eyes is very thin and blood vessels shine through

How does the valley of tears form?

The valley of tears is an aesthetic defect of the face. It is characterized by the formation of narrow and long depressions of the skin under the eyes. They lead to the inner corner of the eye and pass diagonally across the cheek, exactly as tears flow. The defect makes the face look sad and tired all the time. The formation of the valley of tears is a natural process of skin aging. The phenomenon intensifies after the age of 25, and in some people by the age of 40, the valley of tears is already strongly noticeable

The valley of tears is the result of skin aging. The skin in the eye area is only 0.5 mm thick, thin, translucent, and devoid of fatty tissue, making it susceptible to negative changes with age. The older the body gets, the more it slows down the production of substances important for the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the production of collagen. Its amount in the body significantly decreases after the age of 25. What’s more, aging is not the only cause of the tear valley. The condition of the skin around the eyes is strongly influenced by genetic factors, lifestyle, weight loss or alcohol abuse and smoking

How to eliminate the valley of tears?

Currently aesthetic medicine offers several treatments to reduce this unpleasant defect, which is the valley of tears. Below we list the most commonly used treatments

  1. Hyaluronic acid

The purpose of hyaluronic acid application is to eliminate the hollow stretching from the inner corner of the eye. The preparation is a substance naturally occurring in the human body. The procedure of filling the valley of tears is based on the introduction of a small amount of hyaluronic acid along the hollow. The entire process takes several minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. The procedure not only fills the valley of tears, but also revitalizes and moisturizes the area around the eye. The effect is visible after a few weeks after surgery and persists for about 1.5 years. What is more, hyaluronic acid increases collagen production and, as a result, wrinkles become shallower and bruises under the eyes are reduced

  1. Needle mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is one of the most recommended ways to get rid of the valley of tears. It consists in performing micropunctures, which cause controlled inflammation in the skin. Then special nutritional or regenerating preparations are administered. Thanks to punctures ampoules with nutrients can be better absorbed. Such substances as hyaluronic acid or organic silica are used during the treatment. They may be part of a multivitamin complex that aims to stimulate cells for increased collagen and elastin production. Based on an interview with the patient, the doctor selects a set of active ingredients injected into the eye area. The preparation usually consists of 3-4 components

  1. Polylactic acid

Another way to get rid of the valley of tears is to use polylactic acid. The procedure is similar to that with hyaluronic acid. Injection of the substance does not give immediate results. They appear after a few days, in turn, they last much longer than after hyaluronic acid. Polylactic acid is responsible for collagen synthesis. After injection, its task is to stimulate collagen synthesis and the natural reconstruction of tissues around the eyes

How to delay the formation of the valley of tears?

Proper care of the eye area is the basis. It is recommended to use creams full of nutrients that also regenerate thin skin. Moreover, as you age, you should buy cosmetics with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. An unusual way to delay the formation of the tear valley is to use ice cubes. They should be poured into a bowl and immerse your face in them for several seconds. The thermal shock enhances microcirculation, which has a positive effect on skin firmness. Alternatively, you can massage your face with a bag of ice. First of all, such a treatment has a relaxing effect on the skin

Main photo: Jonathan Borba from Pexels

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