Massages and rituals

Discover 6 reasons why you should start doing yoga!
Discover 6 reasons why you should start doing yoga!

Yoga is becoming more and more popular. It influences not only our body but also our mind. The important thing is that anyone can practice it – there are no contraindications. Get to know it better and see for yourself

<strong>Chinese bubble </strong>massage <strong>– </strong>what do you need to know about it?
Chinese bubble massage what do you need to know about it?

Effective fight against cellulite? Learn how to properly perform a massage with Chinese bubble!

Do you know what <strong>a classic massage</strong> is?
Do you know what a classic massage is?

Classical massage is the basis of every SPA. It has many properties that perfectly affect our body and psyche. It is worth knowing how such a massage works and why it has such an excellent effect.

Can <strong>massage</strong> help with a cold?
Can massage help with a cold?

A cold comes on suddenly or develops slowly. Did you know that in the fight against it can be effective… massage? Find out more!

What is <strong> <em>lomi-lomi</em></strong> massage?
What is lomi-lomi massage?

Therapeutic massage, which positively influences the whole organism. It relaxes, relieves tension and has a slimming effect.

<strong>Thai massage</strong> – find out its benefits!
Thai massage – find out its benefits!

What exactly is a Thai massage? Is it worth going for it?