<strong>Chinese bubble </strong>massage <strong>– </strong>what do you need to know about it?
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Chinese bubble massage what do you need to know about it?

This treatment can be performed in a beauty salon, but more and more women are opting for self-massage in the comfort of their homes. The Chinese bubble draws from Chinese natural medicine, which inspires and intrigues women around the world because of its high effectiveness. What should you know about it before starting the treatment?

Initially, the Chinese bubble was used primarily for medicinal purposes to combat flu, colds, muscle or back pain. It was soon realised that a massage with this tool also has properties improving the condition of the skin. Today, women perform it mainly to reduce cellulite and stretch marks and for the purpose of firming the body and getting rid of excess fat from its various parts

How does it work? By massaging the body with a bubble, it vacuum sucks our skin and subcutaneous tissues, which in effect improves lymph circulation and blood supply

What results can you expect?

Chinese bubble massage is the fastest acting, painless and non-invasive method in the fight against the so-called orange peel and body shaping. Performing it regularly you are able to get rid of cellulite and thanks to accelerated fat burning process – slim some parts. The first effects appear quickly, but treatments must be performed regularly.


Chinese bubble massage should not be performed by people who are

  • pregnant,
  • during menstruation,
  • with circulatory insufficiency (phlebitis and varicose veins), as well as hypertension, heart defects and diseases and pacemakers,
  • with haemophilia,
  • with cancer and infectious diseases,
  • before the age of 12 and after the age of 80,
  • with skin diseases.

How to properly perform the treatment at home?

If you’ve sourced a rubber or silicone bubble, don’t be afraid of bruising and redness after the massage. This is a myth that discourages women to start using this natural technique regularly

The first step is to spread olive oil on the part of the body on which you want to perform the treatment. The effect will be even better if you use a preparation with anti-cellulite ingredients such as caffeine, L-carnitine, green tea, sea algae or ivy extract

If you bought a set of bubbles of different sizes, then adjust them depending on the surface of the massaged part and the size of your hands, because during the treatment we perform rapid, intense movements.

Immediately before the massage you need to heat the bubble, preferably for a few minutes in warm water at about 40 degrees C. Immerse its entire surface, then take out and dry.

We can now proceed to the massage. Put the bubble to the body and press its tip. Make upward movements. The massage should be forceful and even on the whole body part. The first treatment may be slightly painful. Then, after linear movements, perform circular movements. You can use the figure-eight technique.

How long should a massage last?

From 15 to 30 minutes. For the desired results, it should be performed at intervals of several days.

What do I have to remember?

Chinese bubble massage performed at home is not complicated, but it is important to remember a few rules:

  • if you want to suck out the bubble, do not do it by force, do not pull it sideways or upwards. Gently put your finger inside and the air will automatically get inside and the pressure will disappear;
  • movements during treatment should be symmetrical. Give the same amount of time and attention to each body part;
  • chinese bubble is not a magic tool that will bring spectacular results after one use. The key here is regularity. It is best to perform a massage every two days. Then we can expect satisfactory results;
  • important is also the care of the body after the massage. Stimulated skin will absorb active ingredients faster and better, so it is a good idea to moisturize it with a lotion or serum. For even better results, we can use products with a firming effect.
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