<strong>Facial Depilation</strong>. Choose a method for yourself
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Facial Depilation. Choose a method for yourself

Unwanted facial hair can become the bane of any woman. Fortunately, it is a problem that is relatively easy to eliminate. Here are the most popular facial hair removal methods.

The most important information about facial hair removal

Epilation is the removal of unwanted facial hair. For brunettes and women with darker skin, hair is often visible on the face. Sometimes excessive hair is due to hormonal problems. Facial hair removal is not a necessary treatment, but it improves the well-being and self-esteem of people with this problem

Some women opt for hair bleaching instead of hair removal. This treatment is almost as effective as hair removal, but it needs to be repeated frequently. Moreover, hair bleaching is recommended only at a beauty salon. Facial hair removal, on the other hand, can be done at home. It should always be performed while observing the basic rules of hygiene. Before starting epilation, the face should be thoroughly degreased and cleaned. An exfoliating scrub is also recommended. Below are the most popular facial hair removal methods that can be done at home

Hair removal with tweezers

This is the simplest method of removing unwanted hair from the face. Tweezers are extremely convenient and women often use them to adjust their eyebrows themselves. Unfortunately, it is also inconvenient if the hair is thick and large, as only one hair can be plucked out at a time. Complete facial hair removal with tweezers is quite painful and time-consuming. It works well for small amounts of hair where precision is also required

Epilation with a trimmer

A trimmer is a special knife with a blade that allows you to precisely remove unwanted hair from the entire face. It can be used to trim a moustache and eyebrows. When using it at home, place the blade on your face at a 45-degree angle and then remove the hair with quick, abrupt strokes. The trimmer also exfoliates dead skin, making your skin look healthier. However, it’s not a very recommended method because hair grows back very quickly (within 1-2 days)

Facial hair removal with wax

You can find facial wax patches on the store shelves. They are much smaller than those for the whole body. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, warm the strips in the palm of your hand or with a hair dryer before use and then apply to the desired area. Once the wax has hardened, peel them off with a vigorous motion. If you want a long-lasting effect, the hair should be pulled out together with the roots. This is a painful method but it is very effective. The effects last from 4 to 8 weeks

Depilation with sugar paste

If you have never experienced sugar paste epilation before, it is recommended to have it done at a beauty salon for the first time. The method is very similar to waxing hair removal, but less painful. Sugar paste does not stick to the skin, but only to the hair. It successfully removes small hair along with the roots. The treatment can be performed cold or hot (then the method is very similar to waxing). The effects last for 3 weeks

Hair removal with a cream

Special preparations for hair removal are available on the market. The cream is applied to the skin and left for a few minutes. After a given time, the substance together with the dissolved hair can be removed. When performing depilation yourself, you should be very careful. Most of these products are safe for all skin types, but read the manufacturer’s recommendations before use. We discourage people with sensitive and allergic skin from using them

Laser facial hair removal

Laser hair removal is a method, which gives the longest and the best results. It can be done in a beauty salon, although now there are laser epilators available on the market, working on a similar principle. At a beautician, the treatment should be repeated several times, only after this time you will get a lasting effect. On the other hand, home laser epilators emit a light beam which destroys the melanin contained in hair bulbs. Thus damaged hair falls out and the effect lasts for about 8 weeks

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