Depilation of intimate areas with laser. What is worth knowing before the procedure?
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Depilation of intimate areas with laser. What is worth knowing before the procedure?

Depilation of intimate areas is increasingly popular, but it is still often a taboo subject. Most women, when going for depilation, choose laser hair removal treatment. This is a good solution, because it allows you to get rid of hair permanently and effectively. You can learn more about the details of such depilation by reading this article.

Types of laser hair removal of intimate areas.

It depends on personal preference how the depilation will be performed. Here are some of them. 

  • Classical depilation – this is depilation of hair only to the panty line. 
  • Californian depilation – this is a more extensive depilation, extending to the thong line. 
  • Hollywood depilation – this is the full removal of all hair, without leaving out the buttocks and the crevice between them. This type of depilation is very popular.
  • French depilation – involves the classic removal of hair from the upper part and the pubic crease. With this method, we can leave a strip of hair, the thickness and length of which are individually determined with the person performing the procedure. This type of depilation does not include the labia and buttocks area. 
  • Brazilian epilation – this is the most popular type of bikini epilation. It includes complete front and back epilation. As in French-type epilation – a strip can be left on the pubic crease.

What does laser hair removal consist of? 

Laser depilation of intimate areas is the permanent removal of hair in these areas using a laser beam. This removes both the hair shaft and root. Thanks to the large surface area of the laser head, the procedure is quick, and modern lasers offer treatments that are less painful.

Preparation for the procedure

Once you have decided on laser hair removal of intimate areas, you should visit a cosmetologist. The specialist will conduct an interview, in which he will ask about your health condition, past illnesses and medications you are taking. The next step will be the laser test. The cosmetologist should carry it out to get the parameters of the device right. The site. on which it was performed, should be observed for 48 hours. If no allergic reaction appeared, then after this time comes the moment of treatment. 

You should appear perfectly shaved on it. If you can’t do it exactly, the cosmetologists at the office will help you remove the remaining hair. Then you need to put on protective goggles and wait for further steps of the specialist.

Laser depilation – is it worth it?

Despite the fact that depilation is still a taboo subject, and many women are ashamed to use the services of offices offering this service, it is worth considering. Shaving the intimate area with a razor often causes irritation and cuts. It is also a less precise method, and its effect is short-lived. Laser depilation of intimate areas is a guarantee of efficiency, precision and a long-lasting effect.

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