CBD Oil: Is It Safe or Addictive?
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CBD Oil: Is It Safe or Addictive?

CBD oil has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the number of people buying and using it on the rise. But does it work? And is it safe or addictive? In this blog, we’ll explore these questions and learn about CBD oil, what it’s used for, how to use it safely, and any potential side effects associated with its use. Let’s get started https://greensoul4you.co.uk/!

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound derived from either marijuana or hemp. CBD from hemp contains negligible amounts of THC and won’t lead to psychoactive effects, which is one of the most contentious parts of marijuana. If you want to buy CBD oil, there are two main types: those containing CBD oil in its pure form (called full spectrum) and those with CBD extracted from hemp and then refined (called pure isolate). Full-spectrum products often work better than pure isolates, but they are also often more expensive.

How to Use CBD?

If you have looked around your local health food store and online, you may have noticed the proliferation of CBD products. What is unclear is how to use CBD oil effectively and safely. First, start with a small dose. For example, you could try a single dropper, or even less. If that doesn’t work, double the dosage next time. There are no measurement labels on most CBD products, so it can be hard to know how much you’re using especially if you have a cold, another illness, or inflammation. It is necessary to go slow when dosing oneself with vape oils that contain THC, as they can cause you to feel overwhelmed and high without giving you the high associated with vaping marijuana. Start slow and stay slow. Add herbs like chamomile or lavender, especially if you are thinking of vaping before bedtime. 

How much CBD is safe is sbd safe?

Industrial hemp, from which CBD oil is often extracted, naturally contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. If CBD contains less than 0.3% THC—approximately as little as possible—then it is technically legal. Yes, if you live in a state where marijuana is legal and you have a THC sensitivity or allergy, then the use of CBD oil could trigger a reaction and possibly make you sick. Always talk to your doctor before using any new substance if you have any known allergies to drugs, especially when using topicals. Even for those without sensitivities or allergies to CBD, it’s important to start with smaller doses at first.

What Are the Side Effects of Using CBD?

The side effects of using CBD are minimal and very rare, but it is always good to be aware of them. The most common side effect of CBD use is drowsiness, but that’s because it can have an impact on your nervous system. If you notice drowsiness affecting your day-to-day life, then you might want to reduce how much CBD you take in. Another common side effect of CBD use is dry mouth and there’s a simple fix for that one too! Just keep yourself well hydrated with plenty of water.  You could also try chewing sugarless gum while taking CBD oil. This will help stimulate saliva production which will help counteract any negative side effects of dry mouth. 


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