<strong>Teeth whitening treatments</strong> – when should you opt for them?
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Teeth whitening treatments – when should you opt for them?

Few people can boast of a snow-white shade of teeth. Bone color is usually milky white, yellowish, and even grayish blue. It happens that one person has several colors on his/her teeth, then it is extremely important to equalize their color. It is generally accepted that the smile and the condition of teeth influence how people perceive us, therefore it is extremely important to maintain beautiful, white and healthy teeth.

What does the color of teeth depend on?

Many factors influence the color of dentin. First of all, there are the genes, which are responsible not only for the color of the teeth, but also for the thickness and shade of the enamel, and at a later age this is of great importance. When young, most people have a light shade to their teeth, but this changes due to the abrasion of the enamel. The thinner the surface layer of teeth, the darker the dentin tissue becomes. Tooth color is influenced by diet and chemical dyes in beverages. Coffee, tea and dark colored beverages affect tooth color. What’s more, smoking can also permanently turn your bones darker, especially if combined with poor oral hygiene

If you want to achieve a snow-white smile, teeth whitening is the only way to go. It is not recommended to use various strong whitening products alone. This can only be done after consulting a dentist. Otherwise, whitening your teeth too often can result in enamel damage or sensitivity. You should also remember that whitening is not for everyone

Teeth whitening methods – what are available?

When we talk about professional treatments, we mean those performed by a dentist. The dentist, after an initial review of the condition of your mouth, will decide which method should be used to make your teeth snowy white. Currently, there are several methods of whitening. Overlay whitening is one of the most popular methods. Admittedly, it requires some independence as the dentist only prepares the whitening tray. Then the patients fill it with gel by themselves at home and apply it on their teeth for about 14 days. This method is recommended for minor discoloration. Unfortunately, it may lead to tooth hypersensitivity

Another common method is whitening with the use of a laser or LED lamp. The procedure consists in applying whitening gel on the teeth by the dentist and then activating its effect by the lamp or laser. The entire procedure takes a maximum of 2 hours and the effects are visible immediately. For the first 2 weeks white discoloration of the plaque may be visible, but it disappears with time. Before each teeth whitening procedure you must go to the doctor and treat all your teeth. Moreover, they must be cleaned of tartar and plaque

What is worth knowing about teeth whitening?

Keep in mind that there are plenty of contraindications to the teeth whitening procedure. These include tooth decay, periodontitis, periodontal disease, hypersensitivity, pregnancy, and taking certain medications. At the dentist’s office the teeth can be made 3-4 shades lighter. This gives an extremely natural effect. The second important issue is that teeth whitening does not end at a single visit. At first, the dentist performs an inspection of your teeth, makes repairs, and then proceeds with whitening. Well performed whitening treatment lasts up to 2 years. The effects of the treatment can be prolonged by avoiding coffee consumption and smoking. It is recommended to use whitening rinses after each brushing

When to choose teeth whitening?

The effect lasts for several years, so any time is good. Whitening is recommended when the shade of your teeth starts to bother you and looks unsightly. It is especially recommended to people who have decided to stop smoking (thanks to this the effects last longer) or who drink much less coffee than before. It is also worth performing the treatment before wedding or major life events. People who decide to bring their teeth to an ideal state should also take advantage of it. It is important to remember that the whitening treatment does not end with a single visit, but is accompanied by a complete inspection and repair of the teeth

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