<strong>Electrostimulation</strong> instead of a workout?
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Electrostimulation instead of a workout?

Many body contouring studios offer electrostimulation. This treatment is advertised as slimming, firming, shaping and even cellulite reducing. The question is, can electrostimulation really replace traditional training?

What is electrostimulation?

It is a kind of electrotherapy, which so far has been used mainly for therapeutic purposes. Thanks to special electrodes applied to specific places on the body, it is possible to stimulate damaged nerves and muscles. Electrostimulation is therefore an effective form of therapy for paresis, paralysis and injuries. Its purpose is not only to prevent muscle degeneration, but also to regenerate damaged nerves. Therefore, this treatment is often used by athletes who are unable to train due to injury, and want to keep their muscles in good shape.

Electrostimulation can also be used by healthy people who want to improve the appearance of their figure. Thanks to electric impulses sent by special electrodes attached to the body, the same contraction occurs as when performing classical exercises such as crunches or squats. Therefore, it is also an ideal solution for those who, due to the excess of kilograms, cannot perform exercises that would overload their joints.

Electro-stimulation – effects

Electrodes used during the treatment can be applied to the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back or arms. Thanks to the use of low-frequency current, the muscles are contracted in the same way as during classic workout at the gym. What’s more, with the use of electrostimulation you can build and model your body, as well as burn unwanted fat tissue.

It is worth mentioning that electrostimulation improves blood circulation, connective tissue tone, skin firmness and elasticity, and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

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