Exercises for <strong>firm and lifted breasts</strong>
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Exercises for firm and lifted breasts

Firm, lifted breasts are the dream of most women. To get it, you don’t have to do complicated plastic surgery. It’s enough to regularly perform the following set of exercises.

Why is it worth doing bust exercises?

Systematically performed exercises for bust contribute to firming breast muscles. As we deal with an increase in their size, the mammary gland gradually moves forward. Training for the chest will not lead to a change in the structure of the bust. The building tissue is largely fat, which cannot be freely shaped

Instead, the exercises described below effectively counteract the law of gravity by strengthening the muscles surrounding the breasts. Doing them regularly is a guarantee of aesthetically pleasing, lifted and firm breasts with a nice shape. It is also worth mentioning the fact that the sedentary lifestyle and lack of regular physical activity can lead to the development of posture defects, which negatively affect the appearance of breasts. The chest sinks then, instead of moving forward, and the back becomes bent. Changes of this type worsen with age. You can effectively counteract them by doing exercises.

Best exercises for the bust

The first of the proven exercises for the bust is “stretches” in a sitting position. How to do them? Sit on a chair and straighten your back. Grasp dumbbells or mineral water bottles. Move your arms to the sides, opening your chest. Bring the palms of your hands together so that they gently touch the chest. Tighten its muscles and return to the starting position. Perform 3 series, 15 repetitions each. This exercise can also be successfully performed at the gym, using for this purpose a device called “butterfly”. With its help we can easily change the load, adjusting it to our needs.

Another proposition of exercise for firm breasts is dumbbell pressing. How does it work? We lie down on our back and gently bend our legs in such a way that our elbows are able to fall below the line of the torso. This exercise should be performed with the use of a gym ball, which strengthens the deep muscles and effectively increases the effectiveness of the training. Hold the dumbbells on both sides of your shoulders so that they are at chest height. We lift them up, straightening our arms and returning to the starting position.

How do I get a lifted bust? You should enrich your training plan with an exercise called butterfly. How does it look like step by step? First lie down on your back. Then grab dumbbells in your hands and turn them towards each other from the inside. Gradually we lower, bending our elbows and spreading our arms to the sides. Return to the starting position.

An effective exercise for firm breasts is spin doctor. How does it work? Stand in an upright position, slightly apart. We stretch out straightened hands in front of us. Your hands should be stretched as far as possible. Slowly bring them closer together and finally join them.

The most common way to do this is to sit on a chair and stretch your arms as far as possible. To do this, sit on a chair or a gym ball, straighten your back and spread your legs slightly. Clasp your hands together in front of you and spread your elbows out to the sides so that your forearms are parallel to the floor. Press your palms together until you feel tension in your chest.

Another recommended exercise for breasts is opening and closing. Sit on a chair and bring your elbows together in front of you at chest level. Your hands should be at a right angle here. Then separate them so that they are on either side of your body. Forcefully push the chest forward.

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