Why run and how to start your jogging adventure?
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Why run and how to start your jogging adventure?

More and more people appreciate jogging – the effect it has on our body and health. However, it is worth knowing how to start your adventure with running and how to prepare for it.

Running is currently very fashionable. It is great, because it perfectly affects our condition, figure and health. However, it is worth knowing how to prepare for jogging. It is wrong to think that it is enough to go out and start running. Then it is easy to get an injury

Jogging – advantages

The first effects of running can be noticed already after a few weeks. So it is no wonder that the number of supporters of this physical activity is constantly increasing. During jogging we engage most of our muscles – mainly legs, but also arms, back, abdomen and hands

Regular running not only strengthens your muscles, but also helps to get rid of fat tissue, and thus excess weight (a runner burns from 400 to 700 kcal per hour). In addition, it improves our mood. Experts also admit that jogging, like any other sport, works like an antidepressant, because during physical activity our body releases endorphins, so the level of satisfaction increases and our mood improves. If we jog in the morning, we can also expect a speeding up of metabolism during the day and an extra boost of energy. Jogging in the evening relaxes, lets you recover after a hard day and makes it easier to fall asleep

Among the advantages of jogging, one must not forget about the health ones. First of all, regular trainings strengthen our immunity. It improves the functioning of the respiratory and circulatory systems, increases lung capacity, lowers blood pressure, arteries are more flexible and the level of bad cholesterol decreases.

Take care of the right footwear

Before you start running, you need to get the right footwear. This is very important, because the sole must have special cushioning technology, so we can minimize the risk of injury. The right size is also important, the shoes cannot be too big or too small. They should perfectly adhere to the foot and not rub it. It is worth choosing models which are made of materials ensuring dryness of the foot. It is best to choose shoes specially designed for running; they will be more durable and of better quality.

Running – how to start?

Before we set out, we need to perform a warm-up. Unfortunately, still many skip it, and this is a serious mistake. Then it is much easier to get injured. Experts recommend that before jogging you should perform stretching exercises for about 10-15 minutes, relaxing joints and warming up muscles. Simple movement exercises such as squats, handstands, or jumping jacks will be perfect

At the beginning, it’s a good idea to set yourself shorter running routes and extend them as your fitness improves. The best way is not to rush into marathons right away. You need to run sensibly and not overestimate your abilities. If you haven’t done any sport for a long time, you can start with the so called walk to get your body used to the load and effort. A short run and a short walk will also work. With time we will be able to go only to running

At the beginning it is best to do jogging every second day for a dozen or so minutes. Only when we become skilled runners, we will be able to jog even for more than an hour. At the beginning it is necessary to set limits for yourself. If we overload the body, we will not only feel bad, but also discourage this physical activity

Main photo: Jozsef Hocza/pexels.com

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