Does your hair colour fade in summer? Find out what to do about it!
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Does your hair colour fade in summer? Find out what to do about it!

Hair fading in the summer is a problem that all of us face, whether we have colored hair or not. It is especially noticeable with fiery colors, which lose their intensity when exposed to sunlight.

If your hair fades in the summer, loses color and often even changes color, don’t worry – you are not alone. Hair fading is a problem that affects many people, especially in the summer, when we are most exposed to sunlight. After summer, our hair is often not only faded but also dry and broken.

Experts say, however, that all this can be prevented if we know what mistakes not to make. Healthy, shiny and above all colorful hair even after the hot summer months? It is possible! The most important thing is proper and conscious care

Go to the hairdresser!

The first step to making your hair look better after the vacations starts… before the vacations. A few weeks before you plan to go on vacation, see your hairdresser to get your ends trimmed and get your hair into shape for the summer. None of us wants to spend unnecessary hours styling our hair when every moment of free time counts. So it’s a good idea to have your hair trimmed to make styling easier and more efficient, or at least to cut the damaged ends to give your hair a healthy, fresh look.

You can try trimming your hair at home with scissors or even a razor, but if you’re not good at it or you’re afraid of the results, the safest option is to visit a hair salon.

It’s also a good idea to ask your hairdresser for a special protective treatment – thanks to this and the preparations applied to your hair, it will be more resistant to the sun and avoid excessive drying.

Take care of your hair at home!

Hair care does not have to be done only in the hairdresser’s chair. On the contrary, you should incorporate hair care routines at home into your hair care routine. Before the vacations, you should take care of your hair even – or especially – during daily shampooing.

Beware of shampoos with poor composition and always apply a good moisturizing or regenerating conditioner for a few minutes after washing. Do not forget also about stronger protective masks, which we use 1-2 times a week. This will protect your hair from salt water, dry air and strong sun.

Wet Hair – Not in the Sun!

Try to avoid leaving the house with wet hair. This is a common mistake, especially on vacation, when we don’t want to wait for our hair to dry after a swim in the pool or on the beach

Yes, it will dry – but at what cost! There’s no doubt that this will have a negative effect on the condition of your hair. When hair is wet or damp, it’s also more susceptible to mechanical damage and more fragile. If you leave the house with a wet head of hair, you are asking yourself to dry out and damage it. If your hair does not have time to dry before you leave, at least protect it with a product that will protect it from the sun’s rays and avoid unwanted effects.

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