How to improve the aesthetics of teeth?
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How to improve the aesthetics of teeth?

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A beautiful Hollywood smile is something that many people dream of. However, for your teeth to be beautiful, you need to take proper care of them. So we suggest what to do to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and enjoy a stunning smile.

Teeth whitening

A very popular procedure that significantly improves the aesthetics of teeth is whitening. You can have whitening done under the supervision of a dentist, such as during a visit to or at home. In-office whitening certainly gives faster and more spectacular results, but it is also much more expensive. It involves the application of a concentrated whitening gel and activating it with a light source, such as an LED lamp, a halogen lamp or a laser. The entire procedure takes about an hour, and the whitening is visible immediately

As far as home whitening is concerned, it consists in placing a special whitening gel in the trays (fitted by the dentist). The whitening cycle takes about 2-3 weeks. This method is safe, effective and predictable.

Orthodontic braces

Although braces are mainly associated with children, adults may also decide to get them. So if you are struggling with malocclusion such as an anterior overbite, posterior overbite, crowding of teeth, gaps between teeth or shifting of the jaw, it is worth visiting the office. Your dentist in Chrzanów will help you choose the perfect braces for you. Chrzanów is a place where you will find many experienced specialists

How exactly does the braces work? It works by exerting pressure on specific parts of teeth, which over time leads to a change in their position, and ultimately to their straightening. To enjoy the effect of beautiful and straight teeth, braces should be worn for at least a year and a half. However, if for some reason you do not want or cannot decide on permanent braces, then removable braces worn only at night will be a good solution for you

Removal of tartar, or scaling

Scaling, or tartar removal, is a procedure that can significantly improve the aesthetics of your teeth. This procedure should be performed about once every six months. After scaling, your teeth will look cleaner and will become much smoother. Remember, however, that tartar removal is not only beneficial for the aesthetics of your smile, but also extremely important for your oral health

Taking care of your teeth every day

The first step to a beautiful smile is taking care of your teeth every day. Therefore, apart from professional treatments to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, it is worth remembering about it. But how to properly take care of your teeth? First of all, by brushing them after every meal. Apart from the frequency, the brushing technique is also important. For effective brushing, start with the external and internal surfaces, brushing them in short strokes with the toothbrush placed perpendicularly to the gum line. Next, move to the chewing surfaces, brushing slowly back and forth. Finally, gently brush your gumline and tongue. Be sure to floss after brushing to clean the areas between your teeth

What else should I keep in mind every day to enjoy beautiful teeth? It is very important to limit sweets, wine, coffee and tea as much as possible. These products negatively affect the color of your teeth, and candy can also cause tooth decay. You hardly want to need dental drills to remove it, do you?

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