<strong>Drooping corners of the mouth</strong>: how to lift them?
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Drooping corners of the mouth: how to lift them?

Botox, hyaluronic acid, PDO threads, or maybe collen? These are the innovations of aesthetic medicine that will help you reduce sagging skin around the mouth. What should you know about them?

The shape of the lips, their nice contour, aesthetic color and proper moisture level have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the face. Not every woman has naturally full lips, and this area tends to age quickly. Drooping corners can give away our age and make our face look sad.

Today’s aesthetic medicine offers many beauty solutions. Patients do not have to wait long for the effects. Immediately after the procedure, the “sad” facial expression disappears and the corners of the mouth lift. Treatments in this area usually last several minutes and for the comfort of the patient are carried out under anesthesia. To eliminate the problem of drooping corners, it is best to take advantage of several effective treatments.

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It is primarily known for its anti-wrinkle effect. Botulinum toxin is one of the most popular preparations used in aesthetic medicine since the 1990s. It blocks neuromuscular conduction, causing relaxation of the muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. Administration of the preparation eliminates mimic wrinkles and limits their formation in the future, while the skin remains sensitive to touch. After botulinum toxin injection facial features become softer, wrinkles and furrows disappear, the face gains a younger and natural look.

Hyaluronic acid

A natural component of the skin – together with elastin and collagen fibers is responsible for its elasticity, flexibility and smoothness. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases, contributing to wrinkles, decreased skin firmness, and loss of facial definition. For this reason, our corners of the mouth droop as we age

The solution to this problem is to inject a preparation with hyaluronic acid under the skin. The preparation is injected in the hollow of the skin under the corners of the mouth and additionally in parallel right next to the corners.

PDO threads

They give an immediate effect of lifting drooping tissues. Lifting threads are used in aesthetic medicine to perform treatments lifting drooping skin areas and ensure spectacular results. The presence of the threads in the tissue strengthens sagging skin, muscles and tendons. During the gradual absorption of the threads, collagen and elastin fibers are rebuilt, so the effects last even after the threads are completely dissolved. This is one of the fastest possible procedures to lift the corners of the mouth. The lifting effect is visible immediately after the procedure. In addition, over time, the action of polylactic acid stimulates fibroblasts to produce elastin, which results in increased skin tension and firmness within the treated area.


It is a protein which constitutes as much as 30% of the total body weight. It is responsible for firmness, elasticity, optimal skin hydration and cyclic cell regeneration. In addition, collagen is essential for the proper functioning of tissues and organs. Unfortunately, as we age, the ability to rebuild this important substance decreases

Collagen smooths deep furrows and wrinkles, restores lost facial contour changed by skin aging. Its effect lasts longer than hyaluronic acid. When administering it in the lip area, we can deal with the complex of drooping corners

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