White shirt – a timeless classic in women’s closet
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White shirt – a timeless classic in women’s closet

Along with the little black dress, jeans, trench and cardigan, the white shirt belongs to the strict canon of timeless items that every elegant woman has in her closet

It can be worn in many ways, e.g. with a pencil or trapeze skirt, shorts, slacks, jeans, cigarette pants, culottes or even sweatpants. Buttoned up to the neck or nonchalantly unbuttoned – at least three buttons – when you want to make an impression at an evening party

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White straight cut, extended or patterned shirts are a hit and will enliven any classic office set with a jacket and skirt. If we decide on this type of shirt, the pattern must be proportional to the figure. White shirt goes well with jeans or sports cuts. It is universal!

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