Czech Crystal Beads: The Perfect Accents for Your Handmade Jewelry
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Czech Crystal Beads: The Perfect Accents for Your Handmade Jewelry

Crystal beads can add elegance to any piece of jewelry you make, from bracelets to earrings to necklaces. With their gems prized for their deep and vibrant colors as well as timeless style, they’re just perfect for any kind of handmade jewelry. Czech Beads offer a host of variations with translucent crystal quality you can use to add a touch of class to any project. Used in small quantities, these can leave your jewelry with an air of modern elegance and luxuriousness while being affordable enough to work into a tight budget. If you have shopped for any kind of jewelry supplies before, you might have seen these beauties before.

What are Crystal Beads?

Crystal beads come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. And many people like to wear these jewelry accessories with their handmade pieces, as they add an extra bit of sparkle and flash. In addition to being stylish, these are durable because they’re made from real Czech crystal!

These are unlike other types, which means you can mix them with more traditional crystal colors and they’ll still look great. Some are smooth, while others feature multiple facets in a single bead. So if you’re looking to add some pizazz to your jewelry designs without going overboard, these beautiful pieces may be just what you need!

Why are they so Popular Among People?

Czech glass beads are an ancient tradition that continues to be a popular choice today because they make the perfect accents for handcrafted jewelry. These crystals have been handmade for centuries by skilled artisans in the town of Bohemia where their fame began and their demand has never diminished. From their origins as humble buttons on robes worn by religious leaders to shiny strands draped around kings and queens’ necks at balls or draped as rosaries around mothers’ necks-Czech crystal bead necklaces were loved by all and are still everyone’s favorite! Here are a few reasons that make them so popular among people:

  • Authentic

They have a heritage spanning back more than 700 years, making them a true heirloom piece. They’re also perfect for anyone who loves history and vintage jewelry.

  • Handcrafted

These are painstakingly handmade from small pieces of cut glass in workshops that hold fast to age-old methods, providing beautiful colors and authentic textures.

  • Durable

They won’t tarnish, fade or break like other gemstones can when exposed to air, water, or harsh chemicals found in many beauty products which makes them a beautiful possession to have with you.

  • Historically Significant

These were once only reserved for royalty but their popularity has since spread across social classes and they’ve become part of our everyday life.

  • Aren’t as Expensive as Other Gemstones

The low cost and high availability of these pieces mean that almost anyone can afford to own one.

Different Types

  • Glass Beads

These are considered to be the most affordable type of Czech bead available. They range in color and size, but these faceted beads are small and easily matched with one another.

  • Transparent Amber

Mostly opaque, these small pieces come in every color of the rainbow! They have a more realistic appearance than their similar counterparts, adding an organic touch to any piece of jewelry.

  • Opaque Coral Red

These beautiful pieces don’t allow light to pass through them and come in a variety of colors like ruby or emerald green. Some people prefer this type because it creates a great contrast between colors within the bead pattern which can add depth to your handmade jewelry design.

  • Sterling Silver Filigree Settings

Silver is not just used as an accent metal- some intricate settings are made from silver so that it matches its gemstone counterpart. Sterling silver settings were popularized during the Art Nouveau period and worked well for semi-precious stones like amethyst or quartz.

  • Czech Amethyst Crystals

These stunning crystal shapes take up less space on your hand than other types of crystals such as large rounds or triangle shapes; you’ll find them all around the world in places such as India and South America!


Whether you’re looking to fill out an intricately beaded bracelet or add some extra sparkle to a simple necklace, Czech crystal beads are perfect accents. With hundreds of colors and patterns, these beads are some of the most versatile around. You’ll find the perfect crystal bead to accent your handmade jewelry just by browsing our store!

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