<strong>3 ideas for</strong>spring <strong>plus size</strong>hairstyles
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3 ideas forspring plus sizehairstyles

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The spring season is fast approaching and you might be a bit confused thinking what to wear this time. When it comes to color combinations, you need to pick and match outfits accordingly, but being a plus size woman, you need to make smarter choices.

Whether it is casual or formal attire, plus size ladies should not hide in the fashion race. Take your shape into consideration and do whatever you think is best for you

For starters, here are a few tips

  1. You will be surprised to learn that the corset fashion is making a comeback and will be magical if you are worried about waist height.
  2. If you are the kind of person who loves to be comfortable in any situation, go for a pair of jeans with a button down shirt to give a hint for any occasion.
  3. If you want to show off a wide neckline, you can always opt for a midi dress with open shoulders.
  4. If the spring season is a bit cold, try to put on dresses in a pretty cool way. The goal is to give some shape in every garment you wear this spring.
  5. The perfect colors for women in large sizes for spring are purple, pink, blue, sea, turquoise, yellow and orange. However, don’t forget that black clothes can be worn for spring if they are matched with a colorful piece of clothing.
  6. If you’re a girl who has more affection for pants, why not try linen three-quarter length pants or jeans with an envelope top or vest? This combination is perfect for exposing your shoulders and drawing attention away from your areas of concern. Bottoms will draw attention to your ankles instead of your legs, which is a concern for some plus size ladies.
  7. Wide-brimmed hats are perfect for plus size women, and in the spring they add shape and extra color to any outfit. Sunglasses can be worn with an outfit, as long as you choose a way and style that fits your face shape beautifully and a color that matches or contrasts with your outfit color.

Envelope Dresses

Envelope style dresses are always sold first because they are feminine and look spectacular on almost any body type. This season, envelope dresses with ruffles are trendy, in line with the new romantic mood of spring.

Cute coral envelope dress with feminine frill at the bottom is practical and pretty. You can wear it to work, wedding, graduation or date night. It works anytime and anywhere! Complete the styling with a snake skin manier and flesh suede sandals

Sunny solutions

Is there anything more refreshing than a sunny yellow blouse with snow white pants? This is an eye-catching color combination for warm days.

Beautiful yellow t-shirts, such as those offered by xl-ka.pl, will be casual, comfortable and full of style. The alluring scoop neckline, soft dropped shoulders and beautiful draping in the front will make this a very flattering top. Wear it with white jeans or fishnets. Think natural accessories mixed with yellow and white. A straw bag, tribal earrings and lace-up sneakers add personality to this energetic summer outfit!


One of the street style pieces for the spring season are boho clothes. Being plus size, you can opt for short maxi skirts, dark brown or neutral or flesh colored short boots or maybe even boots (depending on the weather) or whatever you are comfortable wearing. Accessories such as head scarves, hair bands or scarves can go well with boho dresses. You can also try gladiator sandals instead of long boots when paired with a brimmed hat. Pair this with a subtle flesh-colored handbag to match your existing boho style dress.

Main photo: Jeff Denlea of Pexels

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