What Is Lagenlook Clothing? And How to Wear It
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What Is Lagenlook Clothing? And How to Wear It

With so many different fashion trends, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest styles, especially when new ones seem to pop up every week. One trend that has been around in some fashion circles longer than others is lagenlook clothing, which was made popular by Azzedine Alaïa and other designers in the ’90s but has recently gained renewed popularity on runways from New York to Paris to Milan. But what is lagenlook clothing? And how can you wear it yourself?

The History of Lagenlook

Lagenlook clothing traces its roots back to the 70s. With its natural and relaxed appearance, it was born out of a desire for a more comfortable lifestyle. In fact, the word Lagen is derived from lagern which means to rest. This laid-back Scandinavian style has endured through trends in fashion and continues to be one of the most stylish dress codes.

Lagenlook trousers are typically full-length with loose legs that are often cuffed at the hem or ankle. These trousers can be worn with an oversize top or tucked in a blouse, depending on what look you’re going for. Lagenlook linen tops are always looser fitting than other types of tops, and they’re always made from linen fabric. They have deep armholes so they don’t need to be pulled up as high as other shirts would. Lagenlook linen tops go well with both skirts and pants and make great cover-ups too. They pair nicely with shorts or cropped jeans during warmer months but can also be worn under heavy sweaters in cooler weather.

The Basics of Lagenlook Fashion

Lagenlook fashion is a form of casual dress that is popular in Switzerland and other European countries. The name comes from the German word Lagen, which means to stack. This form of clothing is characterized by layers. Lagenlook clothes are usually made out of natural fibres, such as linen, cotton, wool or cashmere. You can wear lagenlook trousers with a plain tee shirt or blouse to create a casual look. Or you can wear a lagenlook linen top with jeans or leggings for a more formal look.

Tips and Trends for Wearing the Fashion

Lagenlook clothing is a fashion trend that involves using knit fabric to create trendy, flowy garments. You can wear lagenlook trousers with anything from a blouse and heels to a tee shirt and sneakers. It’s all about how you choose to dress them up or down. Want to look chic? Pair your lagenlook pants with a fitted top tucked in for an evening out on the town. Want to look casual? Go for the flip-flops and tank top at the beach. The best thing about lagenlook clothes is they’re so versatile. Wear what suits your mood and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles! A cropped button-up shirt paired with loose lagenlook bottoms make for a cool summer outfit, while boots and leggings will help keep you warm during fall weather. Experimentation is key when it comes to trends like lagenlook–try mixing things up by wearing separates instead of matching tops and bottoms. Accessorize according to your desired aesthetic; whether you want it minimalist or maximalist–you’ll find plenty of ways to do this by pairing items such as belts, scarves, jewelry and sunglasses.

How to Style Each Part of the Outfit

  1. The best way to wear lagenlook clothing is with a belt, a statement necklace, and heels for the perfect daytime outfit.
  2. For evening wear, pair lagenlook clothing with an elegant dress for a sophisticated night out.
  3. For casual wear, throw on your favourite t-shirt and jeans with lagenlook bottoms and you’re good to go!

Main photo: Alexey Demidov/unsplash.cm

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