SEO – what does this mysterious word mean and why is it so important?
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SEO – what does this mysterious word mean and why is it so important?

Asking SEO Orlando webmaster about SEO, we’ve heard that it is an acronym that keeps many modern entrepreneurs awake at night. Search Engine Optimization is the process of adjusting a website to Google’s search engine in order to improve its visibility in SERP (Search Engine Results Page), which has a decisive influence on its online visibility. Owners of companies, stores and various types of portfolios know this very well, which is why they contact positioners of agencies such as Austin SEO company or SEO Orlando agency, already at the first days of visibility of the site on the web.

Profitability of any company operating in the e-commerce industry is dependent on the number of Internet users who visit the site. Most entrepreneurs mistakenly assume that the basic marketing action on the Internet is buying a sufficient number of sponsored articles or using display ads in social media, but in fact it is positioning that is the basis, which should be remembered already at the time of setting up your site.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization in a nutshell

SEO activities consist of adjusting a website and its source code for the Google search engine, which usually takes weeks or months for specialized interactive SEO agencies. Each website at the time of publication lands at the bottom of the listings and thus does not generate any traffic. The function of SEO is to change this state of affairs or to make it better, no matter if it comes to local SEO audit or wider range of positioning, SEO adjusted with the help of professionals should improve Your work-flow.

For many interactive agencies such as mentioned before SEO Orlando and Austin SEO company, the goal is to rank first for a particular keyword, when in fact the optimum position is even in the top five or to make business locally visible in over a not-too-long period of time in terms of local SEO audit but it all depends on the entrepreneur’s personal expectations and cash resources. High positions require a lot of money, that’s why in most cases they are achievable only by well-known and large corporations operating online for many years.

So let’s get to know how Google’s website works. An Internet user enters an interesting keyword (key phrase) in the Google search field, e.g. “men’s shoes air max 44”. Google’s website should show him in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) results only pages that suit his query, i.e. in this case, shoe stores that have in their assortment also popular Air Max in size 44 for men.

In order for Google’s search engine to rank a selected page for a given keyword as relevant, it must meet many prerequisites and requirements set by Google’s algorithm. The algorithm constantly performs a series of extremely difficult and complicated calculations and calculates the position of a given page in the listing based on data obtained by Google Bots. The page that we see at the very top, as a rule, has met all the guidelines, therefore Google’s algorithm considers it to be the most helpful to the Internet user.

What stages should be carried out during positioning?

The positioning process involves dozens of specialists who have to assess its condition and make any required changes to it in order to meet the requirements of Google’s algorithm for its suitability. By the knowledge of Austin SEO company shared, we know what the algorithm takes into account, but it’s just a tip of an iceberg:

  • key phrases, their saturation and compatibility with the profile of the website,
  • dofollow versus nofollow links,
  • appearance of the website and how to use it,
  • average time spent on the website by an Internet user,
  • number of pages opened by user during one visit,
  • and many, many others.

Thus, positioners are faced with a difficult task that they need to make easier for themselves in some way. The basic steps include:

  • SEO audit, which consists of a thorough analysis of the selected website in terms of its current state. The evaluation includes headings, links, website navigation or its speed – altogether the analysis includes even a few hundred individual points, on the basis of which positioners can plan further action strategy.
  • on-site activities. At this stage the website should be adjusted in detail and precisely for the Google search engine and all changes detected by the SEO audit should be introduced. This is the most time-consuming stage, which for specialized agencies may even take many months of intensive work.
  • off-site activities. These are activities that primarily include acquiring as many backlinks to the selected site as possible. Google’s algorithm considers a website linked to by other sites with a good reputation on the web to be worthy of attention.

Influence of positioning on modern e-commerce brands and more

The impact of SEO on companies operating online, and also in cases of small businesses interested in local SEO audit, is enormous and every owner of a larger or smaller business who decided to conduct it knows about it. A good position in Google provides a steady stream of Internet users, significantly increases the conversion rate (i.e. making a purchase by the customer), as well as improves the image of the company in the eyes of Internet users. However, it is worth knowing that this process is considered to be very complicated and especially prone to errors. Some of them result in the extension of the time required to complete the work, and some of them result in the complete exclusion of the site from the Google listing. This is a problem that can be fixed only by…deleting the site and setting it up again on a new domain.

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  • Brad2 21.07.2022

    If I hadn’t decided on SEO, the site would probably have dropped out of the “race” in the run-up. It happened, however, I came across an Search Engine Optimization agency from Poznan – iCEA group and used the services of local positioning for the Warsaw area. I don’t have a big business, rather something moderately medium, but it doesn’t change the fact that the site works and provides me with customers. The beginnings are not rather hard, they are slower. The first three months are a succession of improvements to the site, but then there is a shock. We see a dynamic increase in conversions and interest in our site. Nowadays, it is rather hard to function without SEO, so I personally advise you to take interest in the services.

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