The 1-minute method – the <strong>Korean beauty secret</strong>
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The 1-minute method – the Korean beauty secret

Korean women are known for their phenomenal beauty. Beautiful, flawless skin – no wonder that every woman in the world also wants to look like that. So it is worth to know their skin care secret, the 1-minute method.

Korean women like no one else in the world know how to care. Not without reason they are admired for their beautiful, flawless and clean complexion. They have many tricks, thanks to which they easily achieve such an effect. One of these secrets is the 1 minute method. How does it work?

Beauty in 1 minute?

The 1-minute method is very easy and can give really spectacular results when it comes to our complexion. First of all, it reduces the risk of dehydration and helps to cleanse pores. Korean women are so accustomed to it that most of them use it almost intuitively

This method consists in proper application of makeup remover oil. The idea is to massage the product into the skin for a minute. Why not just half a minute or 10 seconds? Well, such a minute massage allows you to effectively dissolve makeup cosmetics, and thus thoroughly cleanse the skin. And it is proper cleansing from all the dirt that makes it smoother and healthier. Based on oils, we provide the skin with vitamins and many valuable nutrients. Once the specification is well-massaged, then remove it with a gentle foam, gel or cream cleanser. It is important not to rub the skin too hard, then you can damage its protective layer

According to the 1-minute method, after makeup removal we have 60 seconds to apply a moisturizing cream, because the skin quickly dehydrates. Instead of cream, you can use a hydrating mist or serum

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