<strong>Makeup lesson</strong> – how to highlight beer eyes?
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Makeup lesson – how to highlight beer eyes?

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and their depth and beauty can be brought out by proper highlighting. Make-up is the art of handling color – all it takes is the right choice of cosmetics. So how can I enhance my eyes?

People who have brown eyes can feel special. This iris is the rarest of all eye colors. It’s one of the colors that blends well with other colors and makes a great eye color combination. And let’s not forget that properly applied make-up can work wonders. Careful make-up is able to correct imperfections that sometimes appear on our face. We had a sleepless night and the result is black eyes? With the right choice of eye shadow we not only give our eyes freshness, but also bring out their beauty.


Make-up for beer eyes – where to start?

Green, blue, black, gray – each color is unique, but each should be approached individually. Let’s take a unique shade of beer – that is a touch of golden brown with a beautiful dark rim.

Beer eyes give room for experimentation, so owners of irises with this expressive color should not limit themselves to subdued colors. It is also a myth that they should forget about browns and beiges. These colors, contrary to popular belief, do not make the makeup “blurry” – on the contrary, these colors harmonize with beer eyes.


Cleansing first

Whatever effect we want to achieve with our makeup, we should start with a thorough cleansing of the skin. We can cleanse our eyelids with the use of micellar liquids, and in the case of stronger makeup, a concentrated milk will be very helpful. After such cosmetics, it is worth using a tonic or hydrolate to restore the skin’s proper pH and close the pores. Prepared this way, your skin will better absorb subsequent layers of cosmetics, as well as stay refreshed and sweat-free for longer. As a result, makeup will last longer in good condition. It is also a good idea to use a base for colored cosmetics. You can even out your skin tone with your favorite foundation, BB cream or CC cream.

Eye shadow base

After proper cleansing the next important step is to apply an eye shadow base, because it will make your make-up last for hours. It is also worth getting an eyeshadow palette. The lightest shadow will be our base and darker ones will fill the eyelid and emphasize the outside of our eyes. Thanks to this trick our eye will be optically enlarged.

Choosing eye shadows according to the iris color

After cleansing and applying the base on our eyelids we can think about choosing the shadows. But before we do that, let’s take a look at our beer eyes in daylight. Does our color have more of a light pigment with a touch of green, golden reflections or maybe it even falls into black? The next important step in choosing the right eyeshadow is our eye frame, skin tone and hair color. Different eye shadow colors are right for women with a fair complexion and those with a light, even milky complexion


For the make-up of complexion, dark blue, purple, gold and pink eyes are preferred, as well as softer tones, such as beige and grey. Once we have chosen the right shade, we apply it up to the eyebrow line and then with a darker shade we emphasize the crease of the eyelid. Remember, that the closer we get to the middle corner of the eye, the darker the color should fade. The bottom of the eye can be brightened with a beige crayon marking the waterline of the lower eyelid

Black Eyeliner: Always a Fashion Classic

Beer-coloured eyes, regardless of their frame, hair color or skin tone, are accentuated with a black eyeliner or pencil. This is a classic that never goes out of fashion!

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