An Introduction to Essences: What They Are and How to Use Them
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An Introduction to Essences: What They Are and How to Use Them

The beauty world has been wowed by the recent rise of essences, but what exactly are they? Are they like serums or toners? What are their benefits? Are there any side effects? And how do you use them correctly? This guide to essences will teach you everything you need to know about these popular and innovative energy medicines.

What are ESSENCES?

They are a type of energy medicine and safer and easier to use alternative to methods like supplements or food supplements. This holistic level and our energetic relationships create healing and the health called energy medicine. Essences help you get back to your natural state and they’re very effective. The essences will take effect within minutes and last for hours after application. You can also mix them with water and drink them as a tonic (1-2 droppers full). The best time to apply an essence is just before meditation. When you begin to meditate, you can feel its effects right away. During meditation, breathe in deeply through your nose, hold that breath for five seconds and then exhale slowly through your mouth. While breathing out, imagine that all tension is leaving your body with each exhalation. If possible, close your eyes during meditation.

Types of  ESSENCES

Three main types of essences include sea essences, Gem & crystal essences, and flower essences.

  1. Flower essences are used to assist humans with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.
  2. Sea essences are used to make major breakthroughs, enter new spaces of perspective,
    and connect with the fundamental rhythms of the universe during periods of change.
  3. Gem and crystal essence: These remedies are prepared using the Sun and the Moon in the Mother tincture. Crystals and gems resonate especially with the chakras and corresponding glands in the human body.

How are essences used?

Essences can be used straight from the stock bottle or prepared into a dosage bottle. The general rule for making a dosage bottle is to fill a clean, glass dropper bottle with a dilution of 25% alcohol/brandy and 75% water. Be sure to buy the purest water you can. Add a few drops of this bottle’s contents, and shake it gently. This can be labeled as ready-to-use. The dose can be taken in a cup of water or by dropping the dropper from the bottle onto the inside of your arm. To make it a spray for the outside of your skin, replace the dropper with a spray bottle. For those who cannot tolerate any form of alcohol, want to avoid using anything too much in the bath, or who are pregnant or are caring for a child, a splash of the ethereal tincture can be put on the skin or created into a spray.

How are essences work?

Essences are used to provide nutrients deep into the skin and depend on water to be able to do so. Humble and esoteric aspects, such as the vitality of flowers can be transferred to the water. In this way, the harmonic memory signature of a certain essence re-creates a delicate equilibrium. It is important to understand that essences work at an energetic level. Using essences allows you to address these internal issues without necessarily having to change anything else in your life. It’s a great first step toward feeling better mentally while also addressing some more serious health concerns if you choose to go down that path too.

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