Top 5 makeup bases that fix the look beautifully!
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Top 5 makeup bases that fix the look beautifully!

Base is not a standard makeup ingredient, but it can work wonders. Its use affects the durability of color cosmetics and additionally smoothes the skin! In the following article we present the top 5 bases that will fix your makeup for hours

1. Yves Saint Laurent – Touche Eclat Blur Primer

If you want beautiful makeup, choose a cosmetic from YSL. The base not only fixes the makeup, but also illuminates the skin. The cosmetic, applied on the face, reflects the light, which makes the complexion appear more radiant. What is more, the base fills in mimic wrinkles and fine lines. It is completely safe for people with skin prone to irritation

2. Estee Lauder – The Smoother

The cosmetic has a pleasant hydrogel consistency, thanks to which it is absorbed very quickly. The composition of the product contains soft-reflection substances, which level the visibility of pores. Thanks to this, the skin looks flawless and rested

3. L’Oreal Paris – Infallible Primer

The cosmetic is great for mattifying and moisturizing the skin – so it combines 2 properties in 1 product. It has a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly and allows the skin to breathe. What is more, it instantly eliminates sebum, which makes your face stop shining. Ideal for people who have problems with excessively dry skin. The downside of this primer is its short-lived mattifying effect for people with glowing skin

4. Clinique – Superprimer Universal Face Primer

This is an ideal cosmetic for people with sensitive skin. It has an oil-free formula and light consistency, thanks to which it prepares the skin for the next stages of make-up. The cosmetic prolongs the durability of foundation for up to 10 hours

5. Lancome – Prep&Matte Primer

This is the best mattifying beauty product on the market. It is great for dealing with oily and excessively shiny skin. The formula smoothes the skin for hours and makes the foundation last longer

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