How to take care of your skin in autumn?
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How to take care of your skin in autumn?

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It’s getting more and more autumnal outside, the weather is changing, and with the chill and rains, your skin care should change. The heating season makes the air in the apartments drier and drier, and the skin loses moisture and becomes dehydrated. See how to take care of your skin to keep it healthy and glowing regardless of the weather

Take care of exfoliation

The basic step in skin care, which increases the effectiveness of all other cosmetics, is exfoliation. A well-executed exfoliation allows the active ingredients in your skin care to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin and increases the effectiveness of your overall skin care regimen. Avoid mechanical scrubs, which are any gels with particles. Not only are these simply microplastics that pollute water all over the earth, they are too harsh and create tiny wounds on your skin that make your complexion more rough and hard. The same goes for natural scrubs made from coffee, nut shells, crushed apricot kernels. Definitely more effective and safer exfoliation, will be an acid or enzymatic scrub

Moisturize your skin and protect it from drying

Moisturizing and protecting against water loss – these two terms are often confused. Oils, butters and other greasy substances cannot moisturize the skin, because they simply do not have such capabilities. They only form a film on the skin, which retains water in the skin. To keep your skin healthy, supple and moisturized, you need to combine these two methods – moisturizing and oiling. Moisturizing substances are for example: rose water and other plant hydrolates, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and honey. Especially in the autumn, choose facial cosmetics with these ingredients. On the other hand, heavy creams, based on oils, shea butter or panthenol, “lock” moisturizing ingredients in the skin and support their action. A thin layer of emollient also protects the skin from weather elements such as strong wind or rain

Use masks to enhance the effects of your skin care

Face masks, in the form of a paste or serum on a sheet, can very effectively conquer the effects of other cosmetics. Thanks to their form, masks are more effective than ordinary cosmetics that you use every day. The active ingredients contained in them are much finer broken down, which makes them penetrate the skin better, and due to the fact that masks are kept on the skin for up to 30 minutes, they work much more intensively. Using a skin care mask at least once a week will keep your face skin in perfect condition all year round. Choose the effect of the mask according to the weather and the current needs of your skin. If you feel your skin is dull, lackluster and rough, make sure to moisturize and nourish it. On the other hand, if you feel that there comes a time of the month when your skin is more prone to blemishes, choose purifying ingredients such as activated charcoal or volcanic ash. Avoid peel-off cleansing masks, though, as they can greatly irritate your face and make imperfections appear even more

Use gentle facial cleansers in the fall that won’t break down your lipid barrier and dry out your skin. Take care of regular exfoliation, moisturizing and cleansing to keep your complexion beautiful, healthy and luminous regardless of the weather conditions outside. Remember that the heating season is a challenge for the skin and it is worth giving it a little more attention during this period


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