Jogging in the summer – what should you keep in mind?
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Jogging in the summer – what should you keep in mind?

Summer is the perfect time to start an adventure in sports. However, it is worth remembering some basic rules for training at this time of year. Jogging is a great form of physical activity that can be done for free outdoors. From this article you will learn what to keep in mind when jogging in the summer.

Advantages of training during high temperatures

When we choose to train in the heat, our body learns to endure difficult conditions. The endurance of the runner is then increased. In addition, fitness also becomes better, and the body cleanses itself of toxins faster. It’s also an excellent mental workout, which shows that difficulties in life can be overcome.

You need to choose the right clothing

During jogging training, proper clothing is very important. A well-chosen one will dissipate heat and prevent the body from absorbing too much of it. In summer, it is best to opt for light and airy clothing. Pants and a T-shirt, even with long sleeves, will be appropriate – the most important thing is the question of material. It must not be plastic. Cotton clothes will work best. If you decide to wear short shorts and a T-shirt, remember to protect your skin from the sun.

Face sunscreen is a must-have item during any workout. In addition, you should always wear headgear to protect your head from the sun. Also invest in sunglasses and sunscreen lipstick with UV protection. 

Hydrate your body

To keep your body properly hydrated, drink half a liter of water half an hour before your workout. This can be water with citrus. This is very important because dehydration is highly dangerous for the body. Also, always have something to drink with you during your workout. These cannot be sweetened and carbonated drinks. Also replenish potassium, which you lose during physical activity. It can be found in dietary supplements available at pharmacies.

Protect yourself from sunstroke

None of us would like to suffer sunstroke. To avoid it, choose areas that are as shaded as possible for your route. Avoid heated asphalt, which evaporates, smells unpleasant, and makes you feel reluctant to run.

If you need to cool down quickly, there are ways to do so. One of them is to put on a cap that has been in the refrigerator for several hours. Preparing such a cap involves soaking it in water and putting it in the refrigerator for several hours. You can also arrange ice cubes in the sling and wrap it around your neck. You will feel relief immediately. 

Running in the summer is something that will help you maintain the effects developed in the spring and winter. The most important thing, however, is safety and health, so make sure you have the right outfit and other elements of protection from the heat. 


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