Do you have cellulite and vascular skin? Be sure to learn about these ways to treat <strong>orange peel</strong>!
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Do you have cellulite and vascular skin? Be sure to learn about these ways to treat orange peel!

Cellulite is the bane of many women. We remind ourselves of it, especially when the days are getting warmer and we want to enjoy the sun. We put on short shorts or dresses and suddenly it appears that the skin on the thighs is lumpy and lacks firmness. The problem becomes more serious when cellulite is accompanied by blood vessels. So how to deal with it?

If you have blood vessels on your legs, the fight against cellulite is a bit more complicated, but not impossible. In this case, you will not be useful coarse scrubs, Chinese bubbles, body brushes with coarse bristles or strong warming creams and lotions. Why not? All of these could contribute to the visibility of spider veins. Also not recommended is endermologie, which is a negative pressure massage that works a bit like a Chinese bubble. It creates a vacuum that can irritate the capillaries, make them burst or appear more.

So what to use?

Helpful in fighting cellulite, while not irritating the delicate blood vessels is caffeine. This stimulates microcirculation, initiates the process of lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat cells, as well as shrinks blood vessels. The effects are smoothed skin on legs. However, you should know that the treatments should be performed systematically, at least 2-3 times a week. What is more, coffee will give you a delicate tan.

It is worth including products with vitamin C in your skin care. It increases collagen production and strengthens blood vessels. With each application your skin will become firmer, tighter and smoother.

Other ingredients you should pay attention to are green tea extracts, horse chestnut extracts, ruscus or oils with a cooling effect such as peppermint. Also get yourself a foam roller, which will increase the absorption of nutrients, as well as gently stimulate circulation and make you relax and unwind. Moreover, if you have a standing job, the roller will help you reduce swelling and puffiness of your legs.

Mokosh Icon Anti

This vegan lotion contains extracts of ruscus, goldenrod, bergamot, astragalus, lemon and green coffee. The ingredients not only have an anti-cellulite effect, but also an anti-swelling effect. What’s more, they strengthen blood vessels and improve skin firmness. To enhance the anti-cellulite effect, the lotion is enriched with astragalus root, whose extract activates the breakdown of triglycerides.

Nivea Firming Q10 + Vitamin C Body Lotion

Deeply moisturizes, firms, and the product itself is readily available at almost any drugstore. It contains vitamin C, which supports blood vessels, as well as the anti-aging coenzyme Q10.

Celloo Ready to Show Off

The product contains a number of precious extracts that will help in the fight against orange peel. Extracts of caffeine, ginger root, Asian drug, and all this enriched with precious avocado oil, a wealth of vitamin E.

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