Rescue your skin after the vacations. How to regenerate it?
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Rescue your skin after the vacations. How to regenerate it?

Although after the vacations we feel relaxed and full of energy to live, our skin may paradoxically look tired. How to take care of it to get a healthy glow and look rested?

Start with peeling

Skin regeneration should begin with getting rid of the layer of dead skin. An exfoliating scrub is ideal for this purpose. It is best if it is coarse-grained and does not contain irritating substances.

Moisturize first

Excessive sun exposure can dry out your skin. So when you return from vacation, make sure to give your skin a good dose of hydration. When choosing moisturizing products you should pay attention to whether they contain urea. This substance is a natural component, which has a very strong moisturizing effect. It retains moisture in the skin and has an antibacterial and exfoliating effect.

If our skin is rough and irritated, it is worth applying a regenerating balm on it. It should contain lipids in its composition, which will help restore the water-fat balance in the skin. The most popular lipids used in body lotions include shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, maple syrup and wheat germ oil.

If our skin is irritated after sunbathing, it is worth moisturizing it with a lotion, which contains D-panthenol, allantoin or glycerin. These substances have a regenerative and soothing effect on the skin. After-sun lotions often contain green tea, menthol and lavender, which have a cooling effect. Lipids are also good for skin irritated after sunbathing.

If you are struggling with dry skin, don’t forget to drink water daily. Drinking at least 2 liters will help nourish dull skin.

Fighting against sun spots

Applying sunscreen with a high UV protection factor is a must for every sunny vacation. However, unsightly discolorations can appear on your skin. To get rid of them, apply ointments and creams that contain substances inhibiting the formation of melanin. Preparations with a high concentration of vitamin C in its composition will also work great. Vitamin C will help lighten unsightly discolorations and leave the skin smooth

A visit to a professional beauty salon

Sometimes home care may not help with dry and dull skin. Then it is worth going to a professional beauty salon for skin care treatments. Beautician, cosmetologist or doctor will select a treatment tailored to all the needs of our skin.

During various treatments our tissues will be provided with active substances that are not contained in any cosmetics available in drugstores. With their help we will get rid of discoloration, as well as nourish and moisturize the skin. Particularly worthy of interest are such treatments as cavitation, microdermabrasion and oxybrasion, as well as all kinds of mesotherapy, oxygen infusions and lasers.

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