Cold showers – how do they affect our skin?
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Cold showers – how do they affect our skin?

A cold shower brings many benefits to the whole body. It also makes you get a boost of positive energy in the morning. In addition, your skin and hair are in better condition. We provide more details on how regular cold showers affect your skin. See for yourself!

1. The skin will get a healthy glow

Cold showers improve blood circulation in the body. Systematic washing of the face and body with low-temperature water gives the skin a fresh and radiant appearance. If you want to see the first results, you don’t have to spend a long time in the shower, because you will get a beautiful look even with a quick bath. Your complexion will also be nourished by lukewarm water, not necessarily only the very cold one.

2. Slowing down the aging process of the skin

If the first wrinkles appear on your face, then you can try taking cold showers, which make the skin firmer and more elastic. Cold water stimulates the nervous system. The body then begins to release hormones and substances that fight stress. According to research, prolonged mental tension accelerates the aging process of the skin and adversely affects our entire body.

3. Counteracts acne and other skin problems

Cold water, as we have already written, is great for stimulating the nervous system. Cold showers make the body release endorphins, which are commonly referred to as happy hormones. Thanks to them, stress levels decrease, so the chance of developing pimples or acne decreases. Skin problems are often associated with stress, so if we perform treatments that reduce it, we at the same time make the condition of our complexion definitely improve.

4. Noticeable narrowing of pores

Warm or hot water adversely affects the skin’s natural protective coating. Cold, on the other hand, makes the pores, which are very visible, shrink. Often women who regularly wash their face with cool water notice that it is significantly less swollen and not irritated.

5. Relieve symptoms of skin diseases

People who deal with itching, irritation or other skin ailments on a daily basis can try washing their face and entire body with cold water. The urge to constantly scratch is reduced in this case, even in cases of psoriasis. Irritated skin tolerates cool showers better.

6. Cellulite reduction

The appearance of cellulite will decrease when you use cool showers regularly. The recipe for such a home anti-cellulite treatment is very simple – make a scrub, and then alternate cold and warm water on your skin. Cold water shrinks the blood vessels, and warm water relaxes them, so they become more elastic. Repeating this process several times after your daily bath improves the condition of your skin and eliminates cellulite.

Cold showers for better hair condition

In addition to skin, cold showers are also great for your hair. Cool water closes the scales of the hair. So they become smoother, shinier and less frizzy. If you pour warm and cold water over your head, you will stimulate your hair to grow. Trichologists believe that cooler water also definitely has a better effect on the pores of the scalp, so it’s a very good way to take care of the overall condition of your hair.

Considering all the benefits you can get by introducing a new habit of daily cool baths, it’s definitely worth for you to consider this solution every day.

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