The best cosmetics for <strong> hair thermo protection</strong>
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The best cosmetics for hair thermo protection

Hair dryers and hair straighteners are indispensable styling aids. Unfortunately, the high temperatures they emit may have a negative effect on the condition of your hair. Special thermo-cosmetics help. What are Thermocosmetics? What should you consider when choosing the right hair care product?

What is heat protection for hair?

What is thermal protection? Thermo-protection is a term used to describe hair formulas, which protect the hair from the harmful effects of heat, which can be unavoidable during various styling procedures. Whether you use a hair dryer, straighteners, heat guns or heated brushes, you’re dealing with it

Regular use of heat protectors can contribute to a significant weakening of the hair and break down the internal ceramide bonds. The result – a deterioration of their condition and appearance and problems with excessive hair loss. The commercially available thermocosmetics are rich in silicones, vitamins and natural extracts, which protect the hair against excessive frizz and moisture loss and additionally support its revitalization and reconstruction.

What should you consider when choosing heat-protective cosmetics?

There must be no alcohol in the ingredients. Alcohol weakens the hair roots and contributes to dryness of the scalp. Heat-protection products should effectively protect against the evaporation of moisture from the hair. Before buying such a cosmetic it is advisable to check on the package which maximum temperature the protection is guaranteed to reach. This should be at least 170 degrees Celsius. This is the standard temperature to which styling appliances heat hair. Another important consideration is your hair type and natural predispositions

For example, a spray or mist would be best for thin and weak hair. A cream would weigh the hair down and make it greasy. Allergy sufferers and those who prefer natural cosmetics may turn to oils rich in Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 to protect their hair from heat. Olive oil, almond oil and argan oil, among others, are suitable for this purpose. How to use them? It is very simple! Simply rub them into your hair before styling

You may find various heat-protective products on the market. You can choose between hair care products from the drugstore or a hair stylist. Which of them is worth investing in? One of the recommended cosmetics of this type is Kerastase Vita Cement. This product protects hair against heat and damage. The innovative glacage formula makes the strands deeply nourished, stronger, easier to style and their cuticles are closed. The cosmetic contains glucose, which forms a protective barrier on the surface of the hair against excessive brittleness and fragility. The modern Vita Cement formula was used, which is responsible for rebuilding natural bonds inside the hair, making them resistant to damage.

Kérastase Résistance Ciment Thermique | Notino PLN 110.90

What is another recommended product to protect hair from high temperatures? It is worth mentioning here Marion’s product, which is Termoochrona, a spray that adds volume to hair. It protects against the drying effect of hair dryers and straighteners and also smooths and shines the hair

Marion hair volumising spray Termoochrona | Ezebra 7,99 PLN
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