What should <strong>makeup hygiene</strong> look like?
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What should makeup hygiene look like?

Daily care of our skin is very important. Washing face and hands is the basis of hygiene. The same should apply to makeup. Our simple habits (not necessarily good) can have a significant impact on the condition of our skin. So what should good makeup hygiene look like?

Every make-up devotee knows how important it is to use the right technique when applying cosmetics to your skin. The most important role is played by cosmetic tools, which help us apply products to the face, because applying them by hand is not always a good and hygienic solution.

What to keep in mind when it comes to makeup hygiene?

First of all, it is important how we apply the product on our face. There are many supporters of applying foundation or fluid simply with fingers. Remember, however, that our hands are a perfect breeding ground for various bacteria, which accumulate on them during the day. That is why it is much better to apply cosmetics with a sponge or a brush specially designed for this purpose.

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Keeping your makeup tools clean

Makeup hygiene also includes making sure that cosmetics and beauty accessories are properly stored. These products and items should be in a dry and clean place. While most of us definitely store them on a shelf in the bathroom, this is a mistake. Why? Because the humid environment there encourages the proliferation of bacteria.

What to do to prevent potential infections?

First of all, you should always wash your hands before touching your facial skin and applying any cosmetics. You should also always wash your face thoroughly before applying cream. By cleaning your face, you will get rid of excess sebum and any germs

What happens if we apply cosmetics on an unclean face? Unfortunately, we create favorable conditions for the formation of allergies, irritations, infections and pimples hated by everyone. We should avoid touching the face and spreading cosmetic products with fingers. Makeup should be applied with properly selected accessories such as brushes or sponges. Remember to clean all cosmetic tools regularly and also replace them from time to time. If you have any makeup residue, dead cells, or sebum on your makeup brushes, bacteria will also accumulate on them. So how do you clean them properly? After applying a cleanser you should gently knead the brush bristles, as this will remove any impurities. Afterwards, rinse the brush thoroughly with lukewarm water. There are also special brushes available on the cosmetic market, which are made of flexible material.

In beauty salons, professionals use disposable makeup tools, such as foundation sponges or mascara application spirals. Let’s pay attention to whether the beautician actually unpacks a given item for us and does not take already used one.

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