How to take proper <strong>care of your hands</strong> in times of pandemic?
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How to take proper care of your hands in times of pandemic?

Do you often disinfect your hands? Your skin can become dry, irritated and lose its radiance. Using antibacterial agents is important, but it is equally important to protect the delicate epidermis of your hands. Hygienic Line, a new line of cosmetics from AVA Laboratorium, not only effectively kills bacteria but also protects and moisturizes the skin

Nowadays disinfection takes on a new meaning. It is thanks to proper hygiene that we can avoid contracting many diseases, including the globally rampant coronavirus. It is no secret that we transmit most viruses and bacteria on our hands. They have daily contact with objects on which microorganisms live. The habitat of viruses can be money, handrails of stairs, goods in stores, packages, buttons in elevators, telephones. According to the Department of Health, viruses can survive up to 24 hours on cardboard surfaces and up to 72 hours on stainless steel or plastic.

Meet the Hygienic Line products

The new Hygienic Line series of products is distinguished by its innovative formula that combines an antibacterial effect with care. The line includes, among others, hand gel, hand cream, hand and face gel and tonic – all products with antibacterial action, confirmed by tests.

press materials of Ava Laboratorium Kosmetyczne

The perfect duet

The most important role in taking care of hygiene is frequent hand washing. We don’t always have access to water, so it’s good to get Hygienic Line antibacterial gel, which doesn’t require it. It is enough to apply a small amount of gel on dry hands, spread it carefully over their entire surface and leave until completely dry. It should not be washed off. Afterwards, it is recommended to apply Hygienic Line Antibacterial Hand Cream, which will make your hands clean and moisturized

press materials of Ava Laboratorium Kosmetyczne

Cosmetics with active silver

The products are available in a set or individually, in packages of various sizes. A 200 ml gel is perfect for work or a car, while a smaller, 50 ml version is ideal for a handbag. The gel, based on ethyl alcohol, reduces bacteria and cleanses your hands. The active silver ions contained in it act against pathogenic microorganisms and at the same time intensively care for the skin. This effect is strengthened by aloe vera, chamomile and glycerine. They prevent dryness of the epidermis, moisturize it properly and have a soothing effect.

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