How to take care of your <strong>feet </strong>in the summer?
Hands and feet
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How to take care of your feet in the summer?

Corns, calluses, dry heels, cracks and nails far from perfect? Next to the hands, our feet are the most exploited part of the body, also exposed to various injuries. It’s no wonder that any of these problems can prevent you from displaying your feet in summer. To make them look beautiful, just follow a few simple rules.

Human feet literally carry the weight of the entire body, so keeping them looking pristine is no small task. In winter, when we wear socks, tights and covered shoes, their appearance doesn’t matter so much to us, but in summer it’s completely different. If we want to wear flip-flops, sandals and open-toed pumps on hot days, we have to take good care of our feet first. This is not easy, because the skin in this area dries easily, because although it is thick and has few sebaceous glands, it has a lot of sweat glands. On the heels and toes a layer of keratinized epidermis builds up, on which cracks form. If you want to have well-groomed, beautiful feet, follow a few important rules!

Thorough cleansing

Add a handful of cosmetic salt to a bowl of warm water or, if you do not have one, it can also be ordinary kitchen salt. The best are compositions based on salt from the Dead Sea, extremely rich in minerals. Soak your feet in water for about 10-15 minutes and clean them by scrubbing with a sponge or pumice stone to get rid of excessive dead skin, rough patches of skin and calluses

The important thing to remember is that using pumice stones and scrubbers too often is not advisable. The most common mistake made in home care is too intensive abrasion of keratinized epidermis. In this way we often stimulate it to grow and the problem intensifies. Such a procedure should be performed once in a while.

Do not forget about moisturizing

Moisturizing is very important when it comes to the skin on your feet because it dries and keratinizes very quickly. The most problematic areas are the heels and toes, which are additionally affected by the weight of our body. Our feet should be moisturized, not lubricated. We often skip this step because we do not want to leave stains on the floor and wait a long time for the product to be absorbed. The right product is one that absorbs quickly, without leaving a sticky, unpleasant layer. If you want an even stronger effect, choose a moisturizing foot mask, apply it, and then put on cotton socks at night

Get rid of corns

They can be very annoying and painful. If you are experiencing a lot of discomfort because of them, it would be best to visit a professional, namely a podiatrist. The doctor will surely get rid of the tiresome problem efficiently. If you want to act at home, then an effective solution will be to reach for special ointments for corns containing salicylic acid, liquids with salicylic and lactic acid or patches for corns.

Take care of your nails

Your toenails will be the most visible when you’re wearing open-toed shoes. Toenails should be trimmed with clippers and a file. With scissors, it can be done unevenly. The nail delaminates easily and it is also not difficult to cut the nail. To avoid ingrown nails in the skin, it is best not to file round but square. Push the cuticles away with a wooden stick or a metal anvil, then you can gently cut them. It goes without saying that women look especially attractive with nails painted in an intense color. Choose a bright color and it will draw attention to yourself. Lacquer also masks discoloration of the plate.

Use sunscreen

For some it is surprising, for others not, but it is important to remember to protect our feet from excessive sun. Why? Because the cuticles at the bottom of the nail are protection for newly growing nails from excessive moisture and bacteria. The sun, wind, and sand cause the cuticles to dry out, which in turn can be bad for nail growth.

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