What makeup will best cover <strong>blemishes</strong>?
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What makeup will best cover blemishes?

Discoloration is the bane of many people, especially women. Fortunately, it’s possible to hide unattractive facial blemishes using a few makeup tricks. See which ones!

Beautiful, healthy-looking skin without any imperfections is a dream for many people, especially women. Unfortunately, few people can boast of it, and the flawless beautiful skin of models or celebrities presented in newspapers and social media is usually the result of graphics. The trouble is not only blemishes or redness, but also discoloration. They can be hidden with the right makeup, you just need to know how to do it and what cosmetics to use.

Discoloration – where it comes from and how to get rid of it?

Discoloration around the mouth, on cheeks or forehead is more common than you might think. Where do they come from? They appear on our face when the cells that produce melanin (skin pigment) – melanocytes – malfunction. Sometimes they become overactive. Then they produce more pigment and spots appear on our skin. What can be the cause of hyperpigmentation? Most often these are hormonal changes (e.g. pregnancy, menopause, hormonal contraception), a side effect of taking certain medications, excessive exposure of the skin to harmful ultraviolet radiation, inflammatory conditions (e.g. acne). It also happens that they appear as a result of using certain cosmetics or perfumes. Also with age, the skin is more likely to have an uneven skin tone

If you notice discoloration on your face, it is certainly worth going for a consultation with a dermatologist. The doctor will determine their cause and help to fight them, using the appropriate therapy. Sometimes good brightening creams with vitamins can help, and sometimes it will be necessary to visit a beauty salon, where, for example, we will be performed cavitation peeling. Unfortunately, getting rid of discoloration may take some time. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to hide them under makeup

Make-up that hides discoloration – the basis of an opaque foundation

If you want to hide blemishes and therefore even out your skin tone, you should definitely choose a good quality foundation with strong coverage. This is the basis of such make-up. To conceal blemishes, you should certainly skip highlighting or mattifying foundations

However, you should keep in mind that an opaque foundation can easily cope with small discoloration and redness. In the case of large and strong spots, it will not cope on its own. It is also not a good idea to apply many layers of the cosmetic, which is done by most women who want to even out skin tone. Then we get the effect of an artificial mask. Plus, any excess product on your skin may start to rub off, and then instead of covering imperfections, you’ll only accentuate them

Invest in a good concealer

When applying opaque makeup, you not only need a good foundation but also a concealer. You can choose a concealer applied on the spot or under the foundation, which allows for a better “blurring” effect, or a camouflage concealer used by make-up artists. The latter is available in several quite unusual colors, i.e. green, peach or violet. The point is that these shades perfectly neutralize discoloration. The color of the cosmetic should be selected according to the type of imperfections. For redness we use green color, for grey parts of the skin – violet, and for dark circles and veins – yellow. Always apply concealer under foundation

Skin-toning tricks

To conceal blemishes and create the perfect camouflage makeup, remember to apply foundation and concealer in thin layers. Use a sponge to stamp your makeup on your skin. A brush will allow you to apply a bit more coverage if you need it. Foundation and concealer need to be carefully blended to penetrate the skin pores, so they will look more natural. At the end of make-up we always fix it. For this purpose the best solution is a loose powder, slightly illuminating

A good trick is also baking. It consists in applying a thicker layer of powder with a sponge and leaving it on for a few minutes. Then lightly “sweep” the skin with a fluffy brush

It is also better not to use highlighter in the places where discolorations appear. Then they will be more visible.

Remember about the right composition of cosmetics

It is worth remembering that the skin with hyperpigmentation is usually very sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, when buying cosmetics for camouflage make-up, it is best to choose those that have a high UV filter. This will further protect the skin from the appearance of new bumps and spots. This is especially important for people who have been treated with acids and vitamin A

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