How to Mask the <em>First Gray Hair?</em> Learn effective ways to non-invasively color your hair
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How to Mask the First Gray Hair? Learn effective ways to non-invasively color your hair

Gray hair is usually a sign of aging. Both men and women are uncomfortable with this phenomenon. Fortunately, there are several ways to conceal this problem.

At first there is just one, but as time passes there are more and more on your head. Silver (actually, colorless) hair stands out. This is, of course, gray hair. While we don’t really care about grey hair at first, we tend to pull some of it out

Why Does Hair Go Gray?

Where does grey hair come from? Why some people have beautiful, natural hair color almost to the end of their lives while others have grey hair even though they are far from being old? The answer is melanocytes in the roots of the hair. These are cells, which produce melanin (the substance, which gives color). Melanin is divided into orange, eumelanin (white and brown), red, and pheomelanin (shades of yellow). If too little melanin is produced, the hair loses its color and turns grey

Most often, this happens with age. However, studies show that there are more reasons for the silvery strands of hair. After all, they already occur in teenagers. Then the cause may be lifestyle, improper diet, anemia, various diseases and even environmental pollution. Gray hair can also be caused by severe stress and improper hair care (such as frequent use of strong detergents or cosmetics). Interestingly, genes also play an important role. We often lose hair color earlier than our parents or grandparents did

Hair Supplements for Grey Hair

One of the ways to fight gray hair may be taking dietary supplements. Such a fight “from the inside” consists in supplying the hair roots with melanin and biotin. Such preparations usually also contain many vitamins and minerals and therefore have a great effect on the condition of our body

Home Remedies for Grey Hair

The grey hair can be darkened and therefore made less noticeable with home-made hair rinses. Besides, these are natural ways that do not damage the hair and, on the contrary, can only improve its appearance and condition. A rinse made from coffee can be effective. Coffee rinse not only deepens the color and covers grey hair but also stimulates the hair to grow faster. Regular application will make your hair stronger, shinier and easier to comb. How to make the rinse? You will need:

  • 5 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee,
  • 2 cups of water.

Pour water over the coffee and boil for a few minutes. Then strain it. When it cools down, pour it over your washed hair and scalp. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly

The rinse may also be made of tea. The tea will also make your hair darker and prevent it from turning grey. It also adds volume and shine to your hair. Its preparation is very simple. Just pour 7-8 tablespoons of tea over 2 liters of boiling water and let it steep for a few minutes. Then strain the tea, cool and pour it over your hair. Rinse after about half an hour.

Blondes also have problems with gray hair. A chamomile and lemon rinse works well for blondes as it naturally lightens and brightens hair, making it healthier and more resilient. It is enough to brew a few tablespoons of chamomile and squeeze half a lemon. Pour it over your hair and leave for a dozen or so minutes, then rinse it off thoroughly.

However, no rinses will be as effective as permanent hair dye. However, not every hair dye will be suitable. For this purpose, you should choose a product dedicated to grey hair. It is also a good idea to use special shampoos, conditioners and masks, which will delay the graying process. You should reach for cosmetics as soon as the first silver hair appears

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