Cosmetic fridge – a useful acquisition or a fad?
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Cosmetic fridge – a useful acquisition or a fad?

Every one of us has a refrigerator in our kitchen to store food products. What’s more, it’s hard to imagine life without it. But what if we had a second fridge filled to the brim with cosmetics? Is it worth investing in it?

If the topic of cosmetics is not alien to you, then you have certainly heard about the gadget, which is a cosmetic refrigerator. No wonder, since it became very popular on Instagram a few years ago. It’s worth delving into the topic of cosmetic storage, as some of them are better kept cool and away from light. This way they will be able to keep their properties and consistency longer.

The cold is good for our complexion

Have you ever woken up with a swollen face? Or maybe you have a problem with puffiness under your eyes? Chilled cosmetics will prove to be beneficial for these problems. Applying a cold tonic or cream will bring relief and swelling and even help you wake up in the morning, so it’s a good idea to keep these cosmetics in the fridge at night.

What products to keep in the refrigerator?

Cosmetics with antioxidants in the composition, such as creams with retinol, serums with vitamin C or vitamin A should be kept in the cold, because after exposure to light and heat, they will quickly lose their properties. If you own nail polishes , it is also worth considering storing them in the fridge – thanks to that they will keep their liquid consistency for longer. Moreover, the cold will have a good impact on the life of body mists and thermal waters, and using these products in a cold version will be quite a pleasure in the summer.

It is important to read the label, on which the manufacturer has placed storage recommendations. Then you will be sure that you handle the product properly.

What cosmetics do NOT keep in the refrigerator?

The same cold that is beneficial for one product can be harmful for another. Do not place cosmetics based on oils in the refrigerator, such as greasy creams or body butters, because the predominant oil in their composition under the influence of low temperature will harden and lose its consistency. These cosmetics are definitely better to keep at room temperature.

Is it a good idea to buy a special refrigerator for cosmetics?

It depends. Undoubtedly, some cosmetics should be stored in the cold, but each of us has a refrigerator at home, which can successfully put a cream or tonic. For this reason, buying a mini fridge designed exclusively for this purpose is not a necessity, but an alternative solution.

However, it is worth considering its purchase if you are engaged in cosmetology or makeup. Then such a small fridge will not take up much space in the office, and will allow you to have the necessary cosmetics on hand. Also, it can serve as a picnic fridge where you can store snacks and drinks!

How much does a beauty fridge cost?

They are available in a variety of colors and prices ranging from 200 PLN to several thousand. It depends on what brand of fridge you choose. The most popular model is a refrigerator brand Cooluli. It costs about 400 zloty and enjoys great popularity, as well as a large number of satisfied users, so if you are thinking of buying such a gadget, consider this model.

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