Injection lipolysis – what is it and is it worth opting for the procedure?

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You exercise, eat healthy, but your belly or sides just won’t go away? Are you annoyed by too puffy cheeks or a second chin? Or maybe you have accumulated fatty tissue above your knees? There is a way – injection lipolysis!

Many of us are trying to slim thighs, buttocks, abdomen or flanks, using various exercises and diet. All this often turns out to be ineffective in the fight against localized fatty tissue. This is where injection lipolysis comes to the rescue. Thanks to modern treatment of aesthetic medicine, you can in a non-invasive way not only slim these regions, but also get rid of fatty tissue accumulated in places such as cheeks, chin or back.

What is injection lipolysis?

The procedure involves the injection of phosphatidylcholine solution (sometimes combined with sodium deoxycholate) into the problem area. The purpose of the preparation is to lead the fat cells to break down into smaller ones. As a result, they are converted into free fatty acids, which are metabolized by the body and excreted with urine. The treatment induces a temporary inflammation, which results in a gradual reduction of fat tissue.

Injection lipolysis is compared to liposuction, but in comparison, this treatment is non-invasive. What is more, with the use of the preparation you can slim your cheeks or eliminate the second chin, which is not possible with classic liposuction.

The procedure is safe, but you may experience swelling and redness right afterwards, which usually lasts for a few days. Instead, it does not require going through a recovery process.

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