Facial yoga – does it work?

foto: KAL VISUALS/Unsplash
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More and more stars and celebrities boast about the results they have achieved with facial yoga. It is said that in just 2-3 weeks you can visibly firm the skin, smooth out wrinkles and improve facial contours.

It is not the creams, treatments or other specifics, but the yoga of the face that can work wonders in reducing wrinkles or visibly rejuvenate. What exactly is face yoga and is it really so effective?

What is face yoga?

It is a set of facial exercises that are designed to improve blood circulation, so it is properly oxygenated, faster regeneration and repair processes take place in it, and also more efficiently remove toxins from the body. It is also worth knowing that in the face there are more than 50 muscles. Their contractions are largely responsible for the formation of wrinkles and furrows. Moreover, the increase in muscle volume that can be achieved through exercise improves skin tone.

An important advantage of facial yoga is the fact that the first results are visible already after 2-3 weeks of its use, and also that it can be performed almost anywhere and at any time.

What exercises to do?

The exercises are based on yoga and ayurvedic techniques. They involve muscles to work, and these muscles work just like any other in our body. Therefore, if the exercises are to bring satisfactory results, they should be done systematically.

Before starting yoga, you should gently moisturize your skin with oil or cream. As with any other workout, you should warm up your muscles before starting. And how to perform the exercises? Facial yoga promoter Fumiko Takatsu, who you can find on YouTube and Instagram, can help you with that. In the video below, she demonstrates sample exercises.

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