<strong>Gua Sha</strong>. Stone tile massage which you can do by yourself
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Gua Sha. Stone tile massage which you can do by yourself

Gua Sha massage using special stone tiles is one of the hottest skin care trends of the past few seasons. There is nothing surprising about it. It is a proven way to model the face and restore the skin’s youthful appearance without a scalpel. This treatment can be successfully performed at home. What is this massage? What are its properties?

Gua Sha – what is it?

The name of the above mentioned massage comes from 2 Japanese words: “gua” meaning “scraping” and “sha” which when translated into Polish means reddening of the skin. Simply put, this treatment involves rubbing the skin of the face until it reddens. A special, smooth, precious stone is used for this purpose. Most often it is quartz or jade. Gua Sha massage has been used in traditional Chinese medicine since the 14th century. It is performed on the whole body or only selected parts of it. It has mainly healing properties. In the traditional version of this treatment the main aim was to get rid of chronic pain and various inflammatory conditions. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, they are the result of energy stagnation. By skillfully rubbing the skin with a special plate, it becomes possible to improve the work of energy flow channels and accelerate regeneration. The result – the proper functioning of the body

Effect of Gua Sha

Treatment with the Gua Sha stone has many advantages. It reduces puffiness, reduces wrinkles, removes tension, is a great lymphatic drainage and rejuvenates sensitive skin. By regularly massaging your face in this way, we are able to effectively improve blood circulation and eliminate swelling and stagnation. This applies both to the face, neck and cleavage. Skillful sliding of the stone over the skin contributes to improving muscle tone, accelerating deep regeneration and smoothing the skin. Gua Sha treatment is very effective and pleasant. If performed by a specialist, this type of stimulation is slightly more intense. If you want to do it by yourself, it is advisable to use more delicate movements.

How does a treatment with the use of Gua Sha stone look like in the beauty salon? During the massage the whole face is massaged, front part of the head, eye area, sides of the neck and clavicles. It is based on central movements, which are performed in the direction of the lymph nodes. The practitioner guides the Gua Sha stone, sometimes very fast, other times with slow, sweeping, pressing, lightly scratching movements. Special attention is paid to the massage of the eyes, specifically the upper eyelids. Effects can be observed already after one treatment. The skin becomes nourished, oxygenated, radiant and sculpted. Puffiness, swelling and double chin disappear. In addition, this type of massage contributes to strengthening the elasticity of muscles and skin.

Gua Sha massage at home

Nothing stands in the way of performing Gua Sha massage yourself. How does this treatment look like step by step at home? The first step is to apply your favorite cream, oil or serum. The cosmetic will give the stone a slight glide, protecting against stretching of the skin. We begin the treatment by unclogging the blockages located in the neck area. This is a proven way to allow lymphatic flow to the larger lymphatic vessels. We move the stone across the face gently, directing it from the center outward. The sides of the face, neck and décolletage are massaged towards the lymph nodes. Remember to perform both long and short strokes. Press the stone lightly against the skin and scratch it gently.

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