How to take care of your skin in winter?

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In winter, skin is exposed to adverse weather conditions such as frost, wind, rain or snow. The skin, especially the capillaries, is also not well tolerated by large temperature differences. After coming from outside to a heated apartment or office, capillaries may burst and the skin may become excessively dry or struggle with painful redness. So how do you take care of your skin in winter?

1. Cleansing milk instead of gel

Skin becomes excessively dry in winter. That’s why you should avoid products that can make this problem worse. Many face washes contain alcohol, which irritates and dries out delicate skin. It is therefore advisable to give up such preparations and choose soothing and moisturizing face washes.

2. Protective creams

Cosmetics should protect the skin against adverse effects of external factors and sudden temperature changes. That is why you should choose creams with emollients, which protect against water loss from the epidermis, soothe and calm irritation and allow the skin to regenerate and rebuild.

3. Oils

In case of irritation, dryness or redness, it is worth including almond, avocado or raspberry oils in your skin care. Thanks to them the skin will regain its elasticity and smoothness, and you will also protect it against the adverse impact of atmospheric factors. What’s more, they soothe irritation, eliminate roughness and have a soothing effect.

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