How to strengthen nails before autumn and winter?
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How to strengthen nails before autumn and winter?

Well-kept nails are the business card of every woman. In the autumn and winter season you should take special care of them. Expensive nail conditioners do not always work, often just proper care and diet are enough. See what you should do to make your hands look beautiful even in cold weather!

Support from within

Healthy and strong nails can be achieved through a well-balanced diet. A nail plate that is in good shape is a sign of supplying our body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Thus, supplementation or simply a well-balanced diet are essential. Proper growth is provided to the nails mainly by magnesium, the source of which is primarily dark chocolate. Just two cubes a day are enough. Another element that should be mentioned is iron. It is found primarily in beans and red meat. In addition, it is a source of fiber, which makes us feel full for a long time. Zinc also promotes nail growth, and is found primarily in fish, so it’s worth including them permanently in your menu. B vitamins, especially those found in dairy products, broccoli and spinach, are also important when you want to take care of the condition of your nails.

Proper care, the key to success

Destroyed nails should be strengthened. A file will help, but necessarily a glass or paper one. Careful sanding of the nails will prevent them from snagging and breaking, so their growth will be much more effective. In grooming, good habits should be taken care of. Biting nails weakens them and deteriorates their overall condition, besides being un-elegant and rather indicative of our general neglect. The way to strengthen your nails is to choose the right cream, which is worth applying as a mask overnight. Treatment with the right product will make both our hands and nails look much better. The all-night effect of the cosmetic will be improved by cotton gloves, which will prevent it from rubbing off. Aesthetic appearance of nails is not always associated with their ideal shape. Not everyone has naturally beautiful and shapely nails, but everyone can take care of them and make them look really nice. The basic care procedures are cutting the cuticles and filing the nails to give them the right shape.

Home remedies for well-groomed nails

To enjoy beautiful nails, you can perform at home treatments that will strengthen the plate. The first way to have beautiful nails is to use gelatin, which should be mixed with slightly warm water. Hands should be soaked in the resulting mixture for about 10 minutes and the activity should be repeated regularly, every few days. This will make your nails visibly stronger, and all thanks to gelatin, which is a rich source of proteins, biotin and peptides that promote the growth of our nails. The second home remedy for strong and healthy nails is to use apple cider vinegar, in which we should also soak our fingers for about twenty minutes. Thanks to the micronutrients that vinegar contains, the condition of our plate will certainly improve.

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