First visit to a spa – how to prepare?
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First visit to a spa – how to prepare?

A visit to a spa is a brilliant idea for relaxation. If you feel that you are overtired and lack energy, or have a stressful time behind you – go there! A stay at the spa is a guarantee to relax and gain strength for your next activities. But do you know how to prepare for a visit to the spa? If you have never been there, and want to know how to prepare – read this article!

Follow a light diet before your visit

A visit to a spa involves numerous rituals and treatments. You will definitely feel better if you start a light diet a few days before your arrival. This way you will avoid the feeling of heaviness and other stomach discomforts. Such a diet will make you feel light and comfortable, and any treatment, massage or ritual will go pleasantly for you!

Bring your own towel and bathrobe 

Usually, the spa facilities have towels and bathrobes that you can rent. However, it is always better to have your own utensils to make you feel comfortable. So remember to bring a towel and bathrobe with you to the spa. 

Take your flip-flops

It won’t be very comfortable to walk around all day in sneakers, right? For this reason, take comfortable footwear with you to the spa! Let it be preferably your favorite flip-flops. This will ensure your comfort and avoid foot pain.

Mute your phone

A visit to the spa is supposed to be relaxation and a moment for you. Therefore, for the duration of your treatments, mute your phone or don’t bring it with you at all. This will avoid unwanted phone calls, notification sounds and vibrations. All this could unnecessarily distract you and interrupt your relaxation.

If you’re planning massages – bathe and prepare yourself

If you are going to a spa, you will probably go for a massage. Therefore, prepare your body beforehand. Take a bath and do a scrub. It’s also best to do a hair removal, because this way the oils used in the massage will definitely be absorbed faster. 

Don’t drink alcohol before treatments

This advice is obvious. Drinking alcohol before treatments will not help you relax during them. In addition, it can intensify the feeling of a full bladder, so you won’t be able to fully relax. So wait until after your spa visit to have a glass of wine.

Inform the staff about contraindications to the treatment

If you suspect that you may have contraindications to the treatments – inform the facility staff. These could be past surgeries, medications you are taking, or pregnancy, for example. It is a good idea to mention such things before you start your stay at the spa. 

Be positive!

A visit to the spa is supposed to be a pure pleasure. To make it such, you need to have a positive attitude! Clear your mind and leave all your problems behind. Don’t stress about anything, because you will definitely be in the hands of professionals with a lot of experience. Now is the moment for you – take advantage of it!

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