<strong>Ear correction</strong> – what does this procedure involve?
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Ear correction – what does this procedure involve?

Complexes are a product of our psyche, our weak points, which usually only we pay attention to ourselves. Everyone has them and they are different for everyone. A common complex is protruding ears. Fortunately, modern plastic surgery is able to solve this problem

Protruding ears or other malformations of the auricles can be a problem for both children and adults. Ear correction is often the only effective way to improve the shape of the ears. The pinna is part of the outer ear. It is responsible for taking sounds from the outside into the ear canal and for protecting the ear. The pinna is responsible for half of all ear protrusion cases. If it is poorly formed or absent, the ears stand out. Ears also protrude if they grow faster than the head, the baby was improperly positioned in the abdomen (after birth they may return to their correct position)

How to prepare for the procedure?

If you have already made a confident decision about the procedure, the next step is to make an appointment for a consultation, during which you will establish all the details with the doctor. As before any other plastic surgery procedure, in the case of ear correction it is necessary to provide current results of a general urine test and blood tests. Otoplasty is not a very complicated or time-consuming surgery, but it is worth choosing a proven medical facility to be sure that experienced doctors are working on your appearance

How does the surgery look like?

There are several different methods of ear correction. Before the surgery, local anesthesia is administered. An incision is made in the back of the auricle, the cartilage is reshaped through the incisions and internal sutures are placed. In some cases, plastic surgery of the earlobe or the lobes of both ears is also performed – for example, after the injury of tearing the earlobe by an earring, or after tunnel earrings. The procedure takes about 90 minutes. The patient must lie down throughout the surgery. If there are no contraindications, you can go home immediately after a successful operation


After the surgery is completed, 2-3 checks are necessary, usually combined with a change of dressing. After the correction is performed, the specialist will give recommendations on further postoperative treatment. At the beginning your ears may be slightly swollen and red. A dressing is put on the wound and a special bandage is put on the head. This supports the dressing and protects the ears from injury. The bandage must be worn continuously for 14-30 days, depending on the technique used. It is then worn at night for another 2-3 weeks. During this time you need to protect your ears from injury. During the first few days you should refrain from getting the dressing wet. After three days it is possible to wash the head. After the procedure, sauna, sun and solarium should be avoided for 4 weeks

The treatment and the patient’s age

Not everyone knows that ear correction is the most commonly performed aesthetic medicine procedure in children. They are treated as therapeutic, necessary for the child to function normally. Already at the age of five, the auricles have a shape and size similar to the final ones. The best time to correct protruding ears in a child is between the ages of six and seven. It is very important to prepare the child for pain, discomfort and caution during recovery

Price of the procedure

Prices for ear correction surgery start from 3000 PLN. They may vary depending on the type of procedure performed, its complexity, as well as the reputation of the surgery.

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