What is lomi-lomi massage?

foto: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels
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Lomi-lomi massage originated in Hawaii and is performed to provide spiritual and physical purification. It relaxes, uplifts the mind and restores inner balance. Find out why it is worth doing lomi-lomi.

This massage is the essence of Polynesian philosophy which focuses on balancing body and spirit. And lomi-lomi itself means the touch of a gentle cat’s paw in the Hawaiian language. It is gentle pressure and kneading that very quickly brings soothing, relaxing and blissful relaxation. What is more, this massage relieves stress, unpleasant muscle tension as well as has a slimming and pain-relieving effect.

Lomi-lomi – how does it work?

Lomi-lomi massage offers a beneficial touch for both body and soul. This is why the pressing and kneading motions are gentle, tender and soothing. The massage therapist must approach the client with kindness and treat the body with attentiveness, appreciation and approval. What is more, in a traditional lomi-lomi massage the practitioner sings an old prayer song before beginning the treatment asking for blessings for the client.

The massage is performed by one or two masseurs and with the help of warm oils which, combined with a pleasant touch, have a calming and relaxing effect. Music also plays an important role. It allows the client to find inner balance and harmony.

Lomi-lomi – benefits

The massage has a strong stress relieving, relaxing and calming effect. After the massage unpleasant tension, irritability and anxiety disappear. What is more, it has a positive effect on joints, improves lymph flow and eliminates swelling, improves metabolism and speeds up metabolism. It also improves the quality of sleep and harmonizes the nervous system. Centuries ago, massage was used by rulers who faced important life choices. That is why it is still recommended before making difficult and important decisions.


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